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EAW Installation, Portable and Touring Professional Loudspeakers and Audio Products in South-Africa.

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) is the global leader in high-performance, professional loudspeaker system design and manufacture. Based in an historic mill complex in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, USA, EAW gives audio professionals a comprehensive tool kit that helps them deliver customized sound reinforcement solutions for venues and events around the world. We at Surgesound Supply and Support all EAW Loudspeaker products in South-Africa and in other Southern African Countries. The applications for EAW range from Live touring sound, Large, Medium or Small Scale Installations and Portable Sound applications. The large product range can provide solutions for restaurants, churches, night-clubs, live venues, retail stores, stadiums, museums, airports, public areas and many more. The possibilities are endless. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll put together a perfect EAW system for your application.



EAW Anya


EAW Anya is a complete, self-contained, high-power sound reinforcement system that adapts all performance parameters electronically, allowing it to be used in virtually any application. Columns of Anya modules hang straight, without any vertical splay, and Resolution 2 software adapts total system performance to produce asymmetrical output that delivers coherent, full-frequency range response across the entire coverage area as defined by the user. It is extremely powerful and immensely scalable, making it suitable for anything from small venues to the largest stadiums. Each Anya module includes 14x 1-in exit / 35mm voice coil HF compression drivers loaded on a proprietary HF horn that expands to fill nearly the entire face of the enclosure. 6x 5-in MF cone transducers, arranged in two columns of three, use Radial Phase Plugs™ and Concentric Summation Array™ technology to enter the horn and sum coherently with the HF wavefront. Dual 15-in LF cone transducers use Off-Center Aperture loading to increase the spacing of the apparent acoustical centers, extending effective horizontal pattern control well into the LF range. The module’s horizontal symmetry ensures coherent summation without anomalies through the crossover regions that result from physically-offset acoustic sources. This provides consistent, HF dispersion and broadband pattern control in the horizontal plane. Each Anya module includes a field-replaceable power and processing unit with 22 channels of digital signal processing and amplification to drive each of the module’s 22 transducers. Via Resolution 2 software, Adaptive Performance controls all performance parameters of the total array to develop an asymmetrical output profile shaped so that all listening locations as defined by the user receive nearly identical response. By carefully crafting the size and spacing of the transducers, EAW engineers enabled Anya to create radical coverage patterns (i.e., narrowly focused and directed almost straight down) while maintaining an appealing, musical sound quality.


EAW Otto


EAW Otto™ is the world’s first Adaptive™ subwoofer. Utilizing two Offset Aperture™-loaded woofers paired with independent on-board amplification, processing and networking, Otto extends Adaptive Performance™ to the lowest octaves of the audible spectrum. Otto will perfectly balance low-frequency coverage with cancellation to suit the user’s requirements; omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid or anywhere in between from just a single module. Combined in arrays, Otto provides users with nearly endless possibilities in low-frequency pattern control.

Each Otto module includes two high-power 18” cones featuring Offset Aperture loading to generate four optimally-spaced acoustical sources; one in each corner. In addition to allowing multiple enclosure orientations without compromising output, this loading technique also provides exceptional efficiency and minimizes harmonic distortion, even when the system is driven to maximum levels. Ingenious transducer, port and enclosure design allow Otto to achieve extremely high output levels while providing impact and low-frequency extension typical of much larger enclosures.



Anna™ is the newest introduction to EAW’s flagship line of Adaptive™ Systems, providing all the benefits of Adaptive performance in a high-output mid-sized enclosure. Weighing just 135 lbs. (61 kg), the extraordinary output-to-weight ratio makes Anna exceptionally versatile, with applications ranging from small clubs and houses of worship to large arenas and touring productions. Anna’s 100° horizontal dispersion further extends the capabilities of Adaptive Systems; columns of Anna can be flown as mains or mixed with columns of Anya™ within the same array for even greater coverage possibilities. Like all Adaptive Systems, Anna is controlled via Resolution™ 2 software over the Dante™ network and utilizes the same standardized power and data infrastructure.



EAW KF Series


The KF Series is the largest of EAW’s product series and includes several sub-series. All loudspeaker systems in the KF Series feature three-way design. Each sub-series apply three-way design to meet a particular set of requirements.


EAW JFL Series


The JFL Series brings JF Series two-way performance to a compact, easy-to-use line array module intended for mobile production or permanent installation. JFL Series arrays can be flown, ground stacked or pole mounted (two modules maximum). Series also includes a dedicated subwoofer system. This is the perfect system for a medium sized rental company that wants to take their audio performance to the next level. The flexibility of the JFL series allows you to do a multitude of different events with pristine audio quality.



EAW JF Series


The JF Series contains EAW’s high-output, two-way systems intended for mobile production or permanent installation. That is, a single version supports both permanent installation and mobile production. The series ranges from ultra-compact systems with 6- or 8-in LF cones through 12- and 15-in LF cones with a choice of HF coverage patterns. NT Powered versions of larger JF Series systems are also available


EAW MK Series


The MK series includes three sub-series each of which shares a common enclosure as well as three dedicated subwoofer systems. All MK Series systems feature large-format HF horns that maintain pattern control throughout the crossover region, enabling EAW’s beam width matching crossover technology that improves performance through the crossover region. The various dispersion angles in the MK series makes this the perfect installation solution. We can deisgn the perfect MK-system to match your coverage requirements. No area will be left untouched by the brilliant EAW sound.


EAW KF Series


The KF Series is the largest of EAW’s product series and includes several sub-series. All loudspeaker systems in the KF Series feature three-way design. Each sub-series apply three-way design to meet a particular set of requirements. Three-way deisgn in a compact portable application. the KF3x4 series will take any performance to the next level by producing three-way clarity from a two-way sized cabinet. This range also comes with mounting points for permanent installation applications. Truly flexible.


EAW QX Series


EAW’s state of the art high output solution for permanent installation. The QX series includes two ranges – QX500 and QX300 – each of which delivers a choice of coverage patterns from systems that use identical enclosures. The QX series takes sound quality in permanent applications to the next level. The unique design promises a fantastic performance for any application.





Engineered for professionals. Engineered for you.

From the very outset, Redline was designed for you, the live audio professional. From corporate events to festivals, every aspect of the design has been targeted at making your life easier. From enclosure handling and fitments to acoustical and electronic components, Redline is built to live as you do: with demanding clients, tight schedules and even tighter budgets. In a results-driven world, professionals rely on rock solid, high performance tools that deliver – show after show.



Smarter sound, made simple.

RADIUS (RSX Series) couples unique and intelligent features, including OptiLogic™, with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms and system integrators. Optimal sonic performance has never been easier or more accessible, and system design and control has never been more approachable. The EAWmosaic™ app provides total system optimization, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application. RADIUS harnesses full Dante™ integration across the line.





The MW Series contains cutting edge, two-way, stage monitor systems designed for any high-energy live performance stage. This includes mobile production applications like concert touring or large corporate AV events as well as permanent installation applications that include a live music component such as houses of worship that feature high-energy worship leaders, performing arts centers or live music clubs. The MW Series – co-designed by legendary ‘road dog’ Dave “Rat” Levine – represents a new level of performance and functionality in stage monitor design.



EAW touring subwoofers harness pioneering technologies in acoustics, component design and signal processing to deliver extreme bandwidth, tonal consistency and storied impact.



In addition to our touring subwoofers that offer installation features, EAW offers an additional catalog of subwoofers that have been exclusively tailored to exceed the exacting requirements of the installation market.



EAW offers a variety of traditional ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers that combine premium components and sophisticated crossover design into elegant and easy-to-install systems. The applications vary from commercial sound, retail stores, industrial applications, public address areas and many more.




The CIS Series is comprised of Compact two-way flush-mount loudspeakers designed for fixed installations into typical ceiling plenum spaces. Using a HF waveguide originally developed for studio monitors and an optimized woofer, the CIS series delivers superior dispersion and pattern control.




The SMS series advance the state of the art for small loudspeaker technology, providing superior quality sound, excellent directivity control and practical installation options in a variety of sizes and scales





The UX Series provides EAW loudspeaker systems with optimized digital processing, including EAW Focusing settings.