Surgesound South-Africa

High performance gym meets high performance audio

Joshua Capozorio, is one of South Africa’s top power lifters, an Olympic Weightlifter and an all-round strength and performance enthusiast. Joshua is one of the owners at Performance Purist, a specialized strength and conditioning gym which opened their doors on the 5th February in Riverclub, Bryanston.

Capazorio briefed Surgesound to design a custom full-range audio system that would be powerful enough to create a dynamic atmosphere, and at the same time not disturb the residents in the area. With the first class starting at 5am every morning, this had to be one of the criteria.

‘We had just completed and tested the prototypes of the new custom, locally designed SS101X model which we are very proud of’ says Andrew Rowan, owner of Surgesound.

This model features a B&C 10 inch co-axial driver with a bi-amped full DSP Powersoft module, which has been designed to give high SPL performance in a rugged compact package, so it was a great fit for Performance Purist’s requirements.

‘We are all about quality and performance, and needed an audio system that matched that ethos. We use the best of the best in our gym and didn’t want to skimp on poor audio quality, as music can be the main motivator when pushing your physical limits. The system that Surgesound installed matched our needs perfectly.’ Says Capazorio

About Performance Purist

Performance purist is a specialised strength and conditioning gym which recently opened on the 5th February in the Riverclub centre in Bryanston. The Gyms owners Ilona Wilson, Joshua Capazorio and Darryn Anthony have all achieved significant accolades representing South Africa in different skills. @performancepurist