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Built-in Amplification Solutions for Loudspeaker Manufacturers

Thanks to such an experience, Powersoft knows the importance of guaranteeing, as an OEM partner, the high quality, reliability, flexibility and competitiveness needed by speaker manufacturers to give life to great end products and successfully bring them to the market. That is why Powersoft focuses in offering not only the state of the art technologies for which it’s renowned for, but a complete support over the end product’s life-cycle, from design and integration, to certification and after sales services.


Powersoft Class D technology used in DigiMod modules is a standard in the market for his quality, reliability, robustness and care for the detail. The fixed frequency design of the pulse width modulation guarantees maximum performances, high predictability and total immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

The form factor and modularity guarantee maximum scalability and flexibility for any application. Powerful and flexible signal processing tools allow to tailor the behavior of the module to perfectly fit your design. A complete set of protections safeguard your design.

We can support you in reducing time-to-market by providing a wide set of certifications, reports and documentation that will prevent you from wasting time, energy and resources.

The LiteMod Series is composed of two modules, namely the LiteMod and the LiteMod HV. Both compact amplifiers, they are capable of reaching unprecedented power to volume ratio, bringing the typical “2-channel bridgeable” configuration to a higher level of flexibility: the former delivers up to 1200W in bridged mode or 2x600W when driving small double woofers and it is the perfect solution for asymmetric load applications, whereas the latter reaches 1400 W at 16 Ω and 2×700 at 8 Ω, ideal for high impedance loads. Both models are equipped with the latest generation PFC to compose the best amplifier modules in their category.

LiteMod 4HC is an extremely versatile amplification platform integrating PFC equipped power supply for universal mains operation and 4 output stages delivering up to 2400W total.

LiteMod 4HC boosts flexibility, being configurable as four, three, two channels, or single high power output channel and supporting 2Ω operation. It can be used in high channel count applications, three way and two way designs, subwoofer + satellite systems.

The pristine sonic performance is obtained in conjunction with the ease of use, in a compact solution.

MiniMod 4 is an integrated module offering universal mains switching mode power supply with PFC and a total of 600W of audio amplification.
MiniMod 4 boosts flexibility, being configurable as four, three, two channels, or single high power output channel. It can be used in high channel count applications, three way and two way designs, subwoofer + satellite systems.
The pristine sonic performance is obtained in conjunction with the ease of use, in a compact solution.

The D-Cell504 is an incredible mix of power and technology you wouldn’t expect in such a small and lightweight amplifier: with 2x350W available at 4Ω, bridgeable to have 700W on a single 8Ω load with astonishing sound clarity, the D-Cell504 has already proven to be a wonderful solution for a very wider range of applications, from small-mid power professional loudspeakers to studio monitors, home cinema systems, musical instruments, powered mixers and even hi-fi applications.

The D-Cell504 is made of two incredibly compact units 
– power supply and 2-Channel output stage – each one measuring just 100x78x45mm, guaranteeing easy mechanical integration and the ability to fit almost any possible design.

Limited size doesn’t mean limited capabilities: the D-Cell504 power supply can drive two 2-Channel amp units, permitting multi-way configurations in a ridiculous amount of space. Both output channel pairs are bridgeable, so that you can drive 3-way systems as well as 2-way bi-amped or symmetrical loads with higher power even at higher impedance.

Compactness and flexibility are the keywords even when looking at the DSP solution for the D-Cell504: in fact, the output stage is also available with an integrated 2in/4out DSP on board, a powerful tool to shape the audio signal and to apply the dynamic processing needed to make the most of your speakers still keeping them safe.

The D-Cell504 IS Series literally brings in the palm of your hand all the flexibility of the D-Cell504 family of amp modules, providing in a compact platform all you need to quickly develop your product and dramatically reduce time-to-market.

Available in both 2-channel version and in an incredibly compact 4-channel model with two amp units, with D-Cell504 IS it’s easy to power a 2-way loudspeakers with up to 2x350W on 4Ω or 1x700W in bridge mode on 8Ω, or even 3-way systems with up to 700W on the low end.

Performances are simply amazing, thanks to the PFC power supply (allowing worldwide and error proof operation) and premium quality Class D output stage, also available with DSP on board.

Integrated on an elegant aluminum heatsink panel, the D-Cell504 IS offers an interface panel with input volume potentiometer, double XLR for mono input and link out or stereo input operation, four LED for Limit, Clip, Signal and Ready signaling.

Thanks to the presence on the interface panel of a preset selection pushbutton, four LED to show the preset in use and programming connector, both the end user and the manufacturer have easy access to the powerful functionalities of the DSP mounted on board, now also with remote control capabilities through Armonía Pro Audio Suite™.

The IpalMod is the hardware/software platform provided by Powersoft and selected loudspeaker manufacturers to implement Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology, a functional solution to overcome the limitations of traditional transducers thereby setting a new state of the art low frequency sound system.

The “IPAL approach” allows a sensible increase of the “mains input to acoustic output” efficiency ratio by using a full boundary-conditions processing. This new system can be used in a number of low-frequency applications such as very high power and energy efficient subwoofers, steerable low-frequency arrays, very low distortion high SPL systems, low-frequency noise and standing waves removal.

IPAL based amplifier/loudspeaker systems offer unprecedented acoustic performances and complete control of the system’s sound reproduction, regardless of the acoustic load and conditions. This all translates into more than double output SPL capability with respect to traditional speaker systems with the same driver size. The overall efficiency of the amplifier-loudspeaker system is also superior to any traditional design.

The IpalMod consists of:

a powerful single-channel amp module able to deliver up to 8500W @1Ω

a Zero Latency DSP

a differential pressure sensing device

an optional interface board with serial networking capabilities (RS485)

software for full remote programming, diagnostics, and system monitoring.

IPAL compatible loudspeaker
IpalMod can work with standard transducers, but the draw-dropping results this technology grants can be obtained only by using specifically designed woofers: Powersoft has already teamed up with major loudspeakers manufacturers to develop IPAL integrated products. We encourage other manufacturers to design and produce its own line of IPAL compatible speakers by providing tools and support needed to aid the process.


The DSP-4 and DSP-D processing boards are fully compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules, whereas the DSP-Lite matches the LiteMod Series and DigiMod PFC modules. All DSP boards can help you tailor the behavior of the amplifier to fit any application.

DSP-4, DSP-D and DSP-Lite processing boards provide the unique Armonìa functionalities such as TruePower™ Limiter, and Active DampingControl™, IIR and custom FIR filters, limiters and crossovers.

Keeping up with today’s market pace is a paramount and challenging aspect in every project, and reducing time to market can be critical for the success of a new product. The Integration Kit speeds up the development process with a turnkey solution, enabling the designer to focus on the acoustics properties and the sonic footprint of the system. The Integration Kit includes everything is needed to guarantee an effective and professional solution, easy to assemble and open to customization.

Part of the Integraztion Kit platform is Armonía ProManager, a new dedicated software tool to configure any IK combination as well as to make the final product accessible in ArmonìaPlus as a custom branded item.

Assembling your own Integration Kit is extremely easy and only requires to screw the three parts together: never has so much power been so easy to integrate!

Saves time and resources usually needed to design and manufacture mechanical parts

Rebrandable – identify the assembled kit, both mechanically and digitally

Customizable kits designed to cater for a wide array of applications

Time saving design – easy to assemble, plug’n’play solution