Surgesound South-Africa


Tucked away in Kramerville, Sandton, South Africa is a really special establishment called Katy’s Palace Bar. The views of Johannesburg and Sandton are spectacular, the décor is exquisite and the entertainment and people are consistently on point.

Just when you thought Katy’s venue styling couldn’t be taken to the next level, they went downstairs and built another venue called Sir James van der Merwe Bar. It’s described by many as the perfect place to have a couple of drinks in the classiest way. The perfect ‘Gentleman bar.’

Not only is the name grandiose, but it’s also been listed by Conde Nast Editors as one of the top bars in the world. Click here. Pretty Impressive!

A big part of its appeal is the great music, of course, and quality sound helps set the tone for your evening out. Surgesound was commissioned to spec and install an audio system. The system needed to have lots of power for when the party gets a little rowdier than expected, without sacrificing any of the quality.

“The new EAW Redline system seemed like the perfect fit for Sir James” says Andrew Rowan, MD of Surgesound. “The Redline series offer spectacular sound quality and output with minimum fuss to setup and configure. It’s an extremely flexible system and one of the favourite features is its 3 simple pre-defined voicing options which is super-easy to select, without having to tune for hours.”

Sir James van der Merwe got two EAW RL15 15” full-rage active bi-amped loudspeakers. The Redline series family also has a RL12 12” full-rage active bi-amped speakers and a Single 18” RL18S active subwoofer.

What makes the Redline series so impressive is the legacy of research and development that went into the product range. “EAW utilized years of touring product experience – the KF, JF, SB and Adaptive Systems product families – to create a product our customers will find incredible useful, and that will also be a solid performer, day in and day out.” says Jeff Rocha, EAW President. He also then adds: “And all this at a really competitive price tag.”

Technical Product Information:

The Redline Series has customised high-precision transducers engineered to meet the demands of the live sound market. The entire Redline Family is made from very light-weight wooden enclosure with integral glove-ready handles, pole cup and M8 suspension points and is treated with a Road-ready EAW Roadcoat™. The amplifier unit has a recessed input panel with three pre-tuned gig-ready voicings, rear-panel LED mute function, robust PowerCon inlet and loop connectors and LED mute function for visually-sensitive environments.

The RL12 and RL15 offer perfect consistent coverage and directivity via the 90°(horizontal) x 60° (vertical) user-rotatable Beam-width-Matched high frequency horn. Four aperture ports provide massive bass support with no turbulence while maximizing Low Frequency transducer air flow cooling for utmost reliability.

The self-powered mid-hi  loudspeakers feature true two way Class-D Power Factor Corrected Amplification to power the LF(1000W RMS) and HF(250W RMS) components. EAW Focussing™ sonic processing delivers the impulse response of a studio monitor with the impact demanded by live sound application. DynO™ processing optimizes the power transfer from amplifiers to transducers to the audience, maximizing headroom and sound quality at a high SPL. The RL15 and RL12 both have symmetrical monitor angles with swappable rear panels to form mirror-image monitor pairs.

The Single 18” RL18S Subwoofer has a custom-designed transducer with special porting. It uses signature EAW Focusing™ and DynO™ dynamic optimization processing driven by 1,000 watts of Class-D Power Factor Corrected amplification.