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Rational Acoustics

Formed in 2008 by Jamie Anderson, Karen Anderson, Adam Black and Calvert Dayton. They are the proud independent owners of Smaart Acoustical Analysis Software.

Smaart is an analyser – A dual-channel, FFT-based software platform used by audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems. Much like medical instrumentation for doctors, this tool helps us examine our sound systems in detail and diagnose and solve problems. Because Smaart is a software product, it provides the power of extremely powerful hardware-based analysers in a package that is affordable by an average audio professional. The name Smaart was derived from System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool. As mix engineers, we use Smaart to identify tones/frequencies of interest and help us with tasks like feedback suppression and channel equalization. As system engineers, it assists us in the process of setting up and aligning our speaker systems in our performance environment.

Smaart offer discounted prices for software upgrade from previous version. Please contact us for pricing.

Smaart v8 is the Industry Leading, Dual Platform (Mac & PC), FFT-Based Audio Analysis Software.

At its core, Smaart is a computer based dual-channel FFT platform that we use in our work as audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems, all to better make informed decisions about the deployment and operation of those systems. Getting started with Smaart v8 requires some basic hardware requirements beyond the Smaart software and host computer. At the minimum, for electro-acoustic systems (PA system analysis), a 2×2 audio device interface and a single measurement microphone will suffice. This is however only the beginning, as Smaart is purpose-built to scale up to fit the requirements of even the most complex systems and environments. The only practical limitation of Smaart is your own – be it expanding your hardware universe, or improving your knowledge through practice and training.

Smaart Di V2 (Dual-Channel Interface) is the Two Channel Version of the Industry Leading, Dual Platform (Mac & PC), FFT Based Audio Analysis Software.

Now in its second generation, Smaart Di provides a nimble and quickly adaptable measurement environment with all critical configuration and control parameters accessible from a single intuitive user interface. As you would expect, Smaart Di’s Spectrum and Transfer Function engines have all the same power and capabilities as those in the flagship version of Smaart. In the spirit of simplicity, Di does not include a separate Impulse Response Mode. Di is perfect for quick and precise measurements without the demands of Smaart v8’s multi-measurement, multi-mode, and multi-window complexity.


The Rational Acoustics branded RTA-420 is a great little budget-friendly measurement mic with an impressively flat response curve for its price. The RTA-420 features heavy-gauge steel construction and measurement performance to rival high-end microphones costing many times more. Makes a great starter mic, spare or “B” rig mic and goes places you would be nervous to take your high-end, lab quality mic. The RTA-420 makes multi-microphone measurements affordable for the rest of us.