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The Van-Damme range has been designed, engineered and refined for over two decades as a result of technological advances and customer driven requirements. This comprehensive and intelligent yet practical range of specialist audio and video cables has achieved premier status simply by being the finest cable range of its type on the open market. Listening closely to customers and keeping our finger ‘on the pulse’ has afforded us the enviable position of offering our clients what they truly need without compromise.





Van-Damme Blue Series Studio Grade UP-OFC pre-jacketed multicore

Van-Damme Blue Series is the analogue pre-jacketed cable of choice for the professional user. Extremely flexible, sonically transparent and intelligently designed with bothnumbered and colour coded pairs. This cable more than satisfies the rigorous demands of studio engineers, installers and manufacturers.

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Van-Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE microphone cable

Van-Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone cable combines flexibility, durability, noiseless operation and excellent handling characteristics.Now upgraded for this catalogue with more advanced PVC jacketing materials. Van-Damme microphone cables can be found in film and recording studios, high street music shops, professional touring applications and the education sector.

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Van-Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE instrument cable

Van-Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument Cable is a relatively low capacitance unbalanced audio cable for use with guitars, keyboards and other unbalanced output devices. Its tight construction and dual screens of conductive thermoplastic and close lapped copper ensure noise free handling and excellent noise rejection making this cable ideal for on stage use.

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Van-Damme Ambicore Power and Signal Tour Grade hybrid multicore

The Van-Damme Ambicore range is a hybrid multicore with an AES/EBU screened & jacketed pair combined with 1mm, 1.5mm or 2.5mm jacketed power cables. Very flexible and specified for dynamic use this cable range provides an elegant solution to the problem of integrated signal and power distribution.

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Van-Damme Black Series Tour Grade UP-OFC overall braid multicore

Van-Damme Black Series Tour Grade is an analogue audio multicore range specifically designed to survive the harshest touring conditions and other high stress environments. It is tried, tested and trusted in the live touring field by audio professionals both for its durability and its sonic fidelity.

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Van-Damme Green Series Digi Grade AES/EBU 110 Ohm UP-OFC

Van-Damme Green Series Digi Grade cables have been specifically designed for the accurate transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals. Low capacitance and stable characteristic impedance ensure that signals remain error and jitter free over long distances. This also makes this cable range suitable for other critical data transfer applications such as RS422, midi and timecode. Also suitable for balanced analogue audio use.

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Van-Damme Black Series Tour Grade speaker cable

Van-Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size and core count to accommodate almost all potential speaker signals. From 2 core 1.5mm through 8 core 4mm to 18 core 2.5mm the ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.

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Van-Damme HD Vision Digital coaxial cables

The HD Vision range of 75 Ohm precision coaxial cables comprises 4 sizes of Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacketed single coaxials to cover most applications. Great attention has been paid to their electrical characteristics and tolerances to ensure trouble free performance with SMPTE 424M and 292M HD-SDI signals as well as SDI and analogue video.

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Van-Damme SDI Vision Ecoflex LSZH ST 4.5

The SDI Vision range of 75 Ohm precision coaxial cables comprises a Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacketed single coax and 6 way LSZH jacketed multicore. As with the Van Damme HD vision range close attention has been paid to their electrical characteristics and tolerances to ensure trouble free performance with SMPTE 259M SDI signals as well as analogue video.

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Van-Damme Standard 75 Ohm Plasma Grade video coaxial cable

Van-Damme Standard 75 Ohm Plasma Grade Video Coax is a high resolution cable designed for use with analogue video signals. Precision performance is combined with flexibility usually only found in microphone cables resulting in an excellent video cable for dynamic use in the broadcast, video and presentation markets.

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Van-Damme Smart Control series

The Van-Damme Smart Control Range comprises a PVC or LSZH jacketed home automation control cable and 1 and 2 pair DMX control cables. Van-Damme Smart Control home automation cables are primarily for use with common automation systems increasingly found in home and office environments. These systems run a screened twisted pair with an additional 2 wires for DC voltages used, for example, for powering remote programmable touch panels. Van-Damme DMX512 Cables are robust, tour grade PVC jacketed precision foil screened cables for the transmission of the DMX lighting control protocol.

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Van-Damme TourCat Series Category cables

Widely expanded for this product release, the Tourcat Range now has 3 types of single Cat 5E cable and 2 multicore versions. Ethernet and Ethernet based protocols continue to proliferate in the professional and domestic audio visual market and the choice of products in the Tourcat Range now supports most applications.

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