City Hill Church

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Transforming Sound: Surgesound’s Custom Audio Solution for City Hill Church
City Hill Church, nestled in the picturesque town of Hillcrest, KZN, South Africa, is more than just a place of worship; it’s a beacon of spirituality and community. The venue boasts a distinctive fan-shaped design, with a sweeping balcony that graces the rear of the space. With a dedicated congregation of 4000 strong, City Hill Church sought to enhance its engagement with its members. However, given the size and intricacy of the architecture, this was no simple task. To meet this challenge head-on, the church turned to the expertise of Northwind Recording consultants and Surgesound, and the result was nothing short of transformative.

Crafting Sound in a Unique Space
City Hill Church’s architecture posed a unique challenge. The fan-shaped design and the balcony demanded a sound system that could provide consistent coverage across both the single bowl seating area and the elevated balcony. The emphasis wasn’t solely on coverage; it extended to the quality of sound and the headroom of the system. To achieve this intricate balance, Northwind Recording consultants and Surgesound collaborated to create a tailor-made audio solution that would not only meet but exceed the church’s expectations.

Versatility Beyond Worship
City Hill Church is more than a place of worship; it’s a versatile venue that extends its hospitality to external events, including corporate functions and live performances. The audio system needed to be versatile enough to adapt to the diverse range of events hosted by the church. The goal was clear: a system that could deliver unparalleled sonic quality and an immersive experience for every gathering, be it a heartfelt sermon or a lively live performance.

A Symphony of Sound
The collaborative effort of Northwind Recording consultants and Surgesound resulted in a symphony of sound that now envelops City Hill Church. The custom-designed audio solution ensures that every word, every note, and every message resonates with clarity and power. The congregation experiences an elevated level of engagement, while external events benefit from a world-class audio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Elevating Worship, Beyond Boundaries
City Hill Church’s commitment to enhancing its worship experience knows no bounds. With the custom audio solution in place, the church can truly connect with its congregation, whether they are seated in the main bowl or perched on the balcony. The transformative power of sound is harnessed to elevate worship and create lasting memories for all who enter its doors.
City Hill Church’s journey to enhancing its worship experience is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. Northwind Recording consultants and Surgesound have not only met the church’s unique acoustic challenges but have also unlocked the potential for a deeper spiritual connection and a harmonious experience for all who gather within its walls.

The details that made the whole project a success
The final system designed for City Hill Church stands as a testament to precision and expertise. Every element of this extraordinary audio solution was carefully chosen to create an unparalleled sonic experience. The heart of the system comprises 18 EAW KF740P Three-way Line Array speakers, expertly arranged with nine on each side to ensure consistent coverage throughout the venue’s fan-shaped design. To add depth and power to the sound, six EAW SB2001 Subwoofers were seamlessly integrated. But the attention to detail didn’t stop there. Four EAW QX5-Series Balcony delay arc speakers were strategically positioned to cater to the balcony seating area, ensuring that every member of the congregation experiences the same clarity and resonance. In addition, two EAW QX5-Series Out fills were deployed to extend the audio reach beyond the main seating area. Completing this audio symphony are four EAW MK81-Series Front Fills, enhancing the sound quality at the forefront of the venue. Together, these meticulously selected components create a harmonious blend of sound that envelops City Hill Church, transcending the boundaries of conventional worship experiences.

Final, system design consisted of the following elements: