Copper Bar


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Copper Bar: Where Elegance Meets Exceptional Sound
In the heart of Bryanston, Johannesburg, lies Copper Bar, a premium rooftop function venue known for its elegance and sophistication. To elevate the atmosphere and provide top-notch sound quality, Copper Bar turned to Surgesound for an exceptional audio system installation.

The Challenge of Harmonious Sound
In a venue like Copper Bar, achieving the perfect ambiance is paramount. Guests come here to unwind, celebrate, and enjoy memorable moments, and every detail matters. One of the critical aspects of creating this ambience is sound control. Copper Bar is not just a single space; it comprises four distinct zones, each requiring precise audio management to ensure that patrons have a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The EAW SMS4990: A Sound Solution That Shines
For this demanding installation, Surgesound opted for the EAW SMS4990 loudspeakers. These speakers are a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and performance. Their sleek finish complements the venue’s upscale design, while their high-power output and specific dispersion angles perfectly align with Copper Bar’s requirements.

The choice of the EAW SMS4990 loudspeakers allows for consistent pattern control across all four zones. This control empowers Copper Bar to manage audio levels meticulously, preventing any disturbance to nearby residents and ensuring that the serene rooftop atmosphere remains undisturbed.

Wishing Copper Bar Success and Memorable Events
At Surgesound, we understand that the right sound system can transform a venue into an unforgettable experience. Copper Bar is now equipped with the ideal audio setup to host a wide range of events, from private gatherings to corporate functions and more.

As Copper Bar continues to provide a premium venue for its patrons, we extend our best wishes for successful and joyful events. May every celebration at Copper Bar be filled with laughter, music, and memories that last a lifetime. Cheers to happy eventing!