Educational and Corporate Audio Solutions



Keep your learners or co-workers locked in by providing seamless presentation content with good quality Audio and Visual equipment. The right solutions will give you access to flexible and easy to use technology, giving any video presentation, or online meeting a new, fresh look and feel.

Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Sports Facilities and Canteens

AV plays a large role in Schools and Educational Facilities, but it often gets overlooked when venues and classrooms are built or upgraded. The teachers, lecturers and students that operate these systems aren’t always tech-savvy, so it is important to provide easy to use equipment, but still give a professional result. We have the expertise to design Audio and Visual Systems that will aid the classroom or lecture hall so that tech doesn’t become a distraction during the lectures.

University of Johannesburg sports feilds

Audio can also be found on the sports-grounds. It may be a permanent installation on the pavilion or a portable system that’s setup at each event. We can design and provide a user-friendly solution that’ll make sure the athletes and the parents are all pumped up for the event.

Corporate Boardrooms, Receptions and Cafeteria’s

The boardroom means business, and shouldn’t be cluttered with ugly tech and clumsy buttons. The meeting agenda shouldn’t have to be interrupted by trying to sort out the equipment. Let us design a full-proof and streamlined boardroom Audio Visual solution for your business. 

Make the visitors to your corporate environment feel right at home the moment they walk through the doors. A welcoming and comfortable reception area or Cafeteria helps to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Choosing the right sound system and the positioning are the firsts steps to building a pleasant soundscape.