Grace Riverside Campus

AV System Solutions For Churches

AV System Solutions For Churches

Grace Family Church, Riverside Campus: Elevating Worship with Exceptional Sound
In the heart of Durban North, Grace Family Church unveiled its Riverside Campus to extend its spiritual embrace. To ensure the same impeccable audio quality found in their main Umhlanga campus, they turned to EAW, building upon the success of their initial EAW AX-series installation.

A Symphony of Sound for Spiritual Growth
In their quest for superior audio coverage and sound pressure levels, two EAW KF394 three-way boxes were selected as the perfect acoustic solution for the Riverside Campus. This choice offered optimal coverage and the required SPL for the venue. The three-way design not only delivered remarkable clarity but also a dispersion of 90° x 45°, resulting in a high-quality output.

To achieve a full frequency response, the addition of two SB180 single 18″ subs completed the audio setup. With only one box per side, Grace Family Church now boasts a versatile system capable of accommodating a full band and a singing congregation, ensuring that every worship experience is harmonious and uplifting.

Sound Amplified by Precision
Powering this exceptional sound system is a single four-channel amplifier, seamlessly integrated with the new EAW UX3600 3in/6out processor. The UX3600 serves as the guardian of audio quality, providing essential functions like limiter protection, preset speaker configurations, level, delay, and EQ control. Its capabilities ensure that the audio processing and control over the system remain accurate, allowing the congregation to fully immerse themselves in the worship experience.

A Testament to Excellence
This successful project at Grace Family Church, Riverside Campus, is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Northwind Recording. By combining state-of-the-art audio equipment with meticulous design, the church now offers its members and visitors a spiritual journey enhanced by crystal-clear sound quality.

Grace Family Church: Where Sound Meets Spirituality
At Grace Family Church, Riverside Campus, the union of faith and sound has never been stronger. With the guidance of EAW’s top-notch audio technology and the commitment of Northwind Recording, the church has created an environment where worshipers can connect with their spirituality through the power of exceptional sound.