Junction 21

Commercial AV Systems

Unleashing Audio Potential: Surgesound’s Custom AV Solutions for Commercial Spaces

In the bustling heart of the East Rand, a vibrant new indoor market has emerged, captivating visitors with an array of artisan crafts, delectable foods, and live entertainment. Junction 21 stands as a testament to the dynamic commercial landscape, offering a unique blend of commerce and culture. Surgesound, known for its prowess in crafting custom audio and visual solutions, proudly took on the role of audio provider for this exceptional space, redefining the sensory experience for visitors.

Junction 21: A Hub of Diversity and Entertainment
Junction 21, located in Pepper Square opposite the East Rand Mall in Boksburg, Gauteng, has quickly become a beacon of diversity and entertainment in the East Rand. With a wide variety of artisan craft and food stores, it beckons to those seeking unique experiences and culinary delights. However, what truly sets Junction 21 apart is its central entertainment area, where weekly live acts grace the stage, turning every visit into an unforgettable event.

Surgesound: Crafting Unique AV Solutions
When it came to audio solutions for Junction 21, there was no one better suited for the task than Surgesound. With a reputation for delivering exceptional audio-visual setups tailored to specific requirements and budgets, Surgesound embarked on creating a unique setup that would elevate the market’s atmosphere.

Zone-by-Zone Excellence
At Junction 21, creating distinct audio zones was paramount. Surgesound installed four separate audio zones, each powered by a DSP Amplifier. These zones were meticulously positioned to offer seamless coverage throughout the market’s aisles, ensuring that background music and announcements are heard with clarity, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Concert-Level Quality: EAW Radius (RSX) System
For the central entertainment area, where live performances take center stage, Surgesound went above and beyond. They installed an EAW Radius (RSX) system, renowned for its concert-level quality. This choice ensures that visitors enjoying the on-stage entertainment are treated to an audio experience that rivals the best concert venues.

Tailored Solutions for the Commercial Industry
Surgesound understands that commercial spaces are diverse, each with its unique requirements and budget considerations. That’s why they specialize in creating bespoke audio and visual solutions that cater to the specific needs of each space. Junction 21 serves as a prime example of how Surgesound can transform a commercial space into a sensory masterpiece, enhancing the customer experience and setting the stage for success.

Elevate Your Commercial Space
Just as Junction 21 has embraced custom AV solutions to create a unique and inviting atmosphere, Surgesound is here to help you elevate your commercial space. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, entertainment venue, or any other commercial establishment, contact Surgesound to explore how their tailor-made solutions can transform your space into a thriving hub of commerce and culture.