Kearsney College


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Kearsney College: Elevating Education with Bespoke Audio and Support
Situated amidst the captivating beauty of the Valley of a Thousand Hills in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Kearsney College is a prestigious institution encompassing 125 acres of lush estate. Renowned for its illustrious history, including an award-winning choir, arts and culture programs, and sporting achievements, Kearsney College stands as a symbol of excellence in education. To match this standard, the college sought world-class audio solutions to elevate its performance venue, complete with an orchestra pit.

Custom Excellence: Crafting the Perfect Sound
In the pursuit of audio perfection, a total of 16 EAW NTL720 speakers were meticulously chosen during the design phase. These speakers stood out for their exceptional high fidelity and unparalleled SPL performance. Together, they formed a harmonious array that provided consistent pattern control, ensuring crystal-clear sound from the front seating to the rear and balcony areas.
What sets this installation apart is the precision offered by the EAW UX DSP with Gunness focusing. It granted the ability to fine-tune, equalize, and control the level of all sixteen individual units, allowing for an immersive audio experience that matched the college’s esteemed reputation.

To reinforce the low-end audio experience, four EAW SB1001 subwoofers were expertly integrated into the setup. These subwoofers received their power from the formidable Lab.Gruppen PLM14000 amplifier, equipped with onboard Lake DSP technology. The use of Van Damme Cabling, renowned worldwide for its quality, ensured that all audio signal, network data, and speaker cables were of the highest standard.

A Symphony of Technology
Enhancing the educational experience further, a Midas Professional digital mixing console was introduced, along with powerful mobile stage monitors and a comprehensive intelligent lighting solution. These additions transformed the performance venue into a multifunctional space ready to host a wide range of events.

Guided by Expertise: The Role of Northwind Recording
At the heart of this remarkable transformation was Northwind Recording, a trusted consultant appointed by Kearsney College. They oversaw every aspect of the installation, ensuring that the audio and lighting solutions were seamlessly integrated into the venue.

Empowering Education: The Importance of Custom Installation
The Kearsney College project underscores the importance of tailored audio solutions for educational institutions. A bespoke installation not only enhances the learning environment but also offers students and faculty access to cutting-edge technology that inspires creativity and excellence.

Continued Support: Nurturing Excellence
Beyond the installation, Kearsney College benefits from ongoing support and maintenance, guaranteeing that its investment in superior audio solutions remains a valuable asset for years to come. The college stands as a testament to the transformative power of sound in education, thanks to the collaboration of visionaries, experts, and innovative technology.