Manhattan Nightclub – Rivonia

The Manhattan Club, located in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa, is a world-class nightclub that offers its customers a classy and fast-paced clubbing experience. The club was inspired by the city that never sleeps and was designed to be elegant, with slick and professional service. The Manhattan Club has eight bars, including a dedicated shooters bar, an exclusively ladies-only cocktail bar, and a smoking bar that sells premium whiskeys and cigars. The club’s commitment to excellent service levels is matched only by its commitment to providing the best clubbing experience South Africa has to offer.

The Manhattan Club was featured in music videos, Top Billing, movies, and more, and quickly became a destination hot-spot for beautiful people and notables of film, TV, and sports. The club’s huge dance floor and state-of-the-art sound system played a wide and varied range of music from current hits to old classics, spun by Johannesburg’s top DJ’s. The club’s exquisite rich décor and sensual lighting reached customers on every sensory level.

The club is a popular gathering spot for all party enthusiasts and is well-known throughout the city as the place to go on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The club’s popularity is due to its classy and fast-paced environment, which is as elegant as its name suggested. The Manhattan Club is a place where customers could strut their stuff on the dance floor one minute and sip on a glass of Moet the next.

The Manhattan Club legacy lives on as one of Johannesburg’s most iconic nightclubs. The club’s commitment to providing a world-class clubbing experience will always be remembered by those who had the pleasure of experiencing it.

The sound, and lighting system was designed and installed by Surgesound. The EAW Avalon system consisted of a 3 -way mid high system which featured dual 12” low frequency units , an 8” midrange and a high-performance HF unit. The Sub frequency units are EAW’s DCS2 Super Sub, which is a dual 12” horn loaded design.

The success and performance of these systems in Manhattan convinced several new and upcoming venues to use the EAW brand in their venues.