Monster Investment


Sound Innovation: Monster Productions Chooses EAW for Cutting-Edge Audio Solutions
When Monster Productions, headed by company director Lloyd Wild, decided to invest in a medium-format line array sound system, they left no stone unturned in their quest for excellence. After careful consideration, they determined that the Radius series from EAW was the ideal choice for their specific requirements, solidifying their commitment to delivering top-tier audio-visual experiences.

EAW Radius RSX212L: Cutting-Edge Audio Technology
EAW’s Radius RSX212L system is more than just a speaker; it’s a pinnacle of sound innovation. Boasting unique and intelligent features, it’s designed to cater to rental firms and system integrators, making it the perfect fit for Monster Productions. The Radius RSX212L features OptiLogic, offering automatic array self-detection and instant optimization, including air loss compensation and more. The EAW mosaicâ„¢ app allows comprehensive system optimization from any location within the venue, along with intuitive room design and prediction, all within a single application. With EAW’s renowned acoustic design and DSP mastery, plus seamless Dante integration, the Radius series is the epitome of intelligent and flexible audio systems to suit any budget.

Investing for the Future: Monster Productions’ Choice
Monster Productions’ decision to opt for the EAW system was not taken lightly. According to Lloyd Wild, the choice was clear: “We have had EAW sound equipment as part of our rental inventory for some years. In my experience, EAW produces very robust products with low failure rates, and you can push the system when you need to. The cost of repairs is very competitive, and Surgesound, the official distributors of EAW in South Africa, have consistently provided us with very solid service and support over the years.”

Expanding Horizons: Monster Productions’ Vision
Monster Productions made history by becoming the first rental company in South Africa to take delivery of the larger EAW Radius RSX212L system. This visionary move positions them as leaders in the industry, enabling them to service a niche market in South Africa. “We understand our customers, and while there are several very reputable production companies equipped to service big international riders, there are not as many catering to medium to large local events, such as sports festivals, outdoor festivals, and larger corporate events,” notes Wild.

A High-Quality Line Array for All Occasions
The EAW Radius RSX212L represents cutting-edge technology from a trusted company. Its self-powered nature allows Monster Productions to service a wide range of venues, and its modular design ensures adaptability and scalability. Whether it’s corporate events or outdoor festivals, this high-quality line array promises a return on investment in the years ahead.

Delivering Excellence: The Debut of the EAW Radius RSX212L
Monster Productions showcased their newly acquired Radius RSX212L during the Varsity Cup rugby game between North West University and the University of Johannesburg. The system’s advanced technology allowed sound to travel over longer distances with exceptional fidelity, creating an electrifying atmosphere within the UJ Stadium.

Future Prospects: Expanding Possibilities
Curwin Jeffries, the onsite production manager, anticipates a bright future for the EAW Radius RSX212L, with potential applications in live music events and more. The system’s capabilities go beyond what was showcased at the rugby game, and it has the potential to redefine sound experiences across various events and venues.

By choosing the EAW Radius RSX212L, Monster Productions has set the stage for groundbreaking audio solutions, setting new standards in the industry.