Performance Purist

Sound System Excellence For The Fitness Industry

Empowering Performance: Surgesound’s Tailored Audio System for Performance Purist
In the world of strength and performance, excellence is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Joshua Capozorio, a top powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, and a true enthusiast of strength and performance, knows this better than anyone. As one of the owners at Performance Purist, a specialised strength and conditioning gym, Joshua and his team are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their peak physical potential. Surgesound had the privilege to partner with Performance Purist, crafting a custom full-range audio system that embodies the gym’s commitment to power, precision, and performance.

A Vision of Excellence
Performance Purist, situated in the heart of Riverclub, Bryanston, stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence. With the gym’s first-class sessions beginning as early as 5 am, there was a clear need for an audio system that could create a dynamic atmosphere without disturbing the nearby residents. Joshua Capozorio entrusted Surgesound with this vision, and we were ready to deliver.

The SS101X: Where Quality Meets Power
Surgesound’s Andrew Rowan, owner of the company, had just completed and tested the prototypes of the new custom SS101X model, a creation the team takes immense pride in. This model boasts a B&C 10-inch co-axial driver paired with a bi-amped full DSP module. It’s been meticulously designed to deliver high Sound Pressure Level (SPL) performance within a rugged, compact package—an ideal match for Performance Purist’s unique requirements.

Quality and Performance at the Core
Performance Purist doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, and their audio system was no exception. In a gym where every ounce of effort counts, music becomes a vital motivator when pushing physical limits. The audio system Surgesound installed perfectly aligned with Performance Purist’s ethos. It embodies the gym’s dedication to providing top-tier equipment and support, ensuring that every client can tap into their full potential.

Elevating the Gym Experience
Just as Performance Purist empowers individuals to push beyond their limits, Surgesound empowers gyms with audio systems that elevate the entire workout experience. Whether it’s the early morning class or a late-night session, the SS101X ensures that every beat, every note, and every motivational word is delivered with precision and power.

Discover Your Performance Potential
If you’re in the fitness industry and aspire to provide your clients with a workout environment that motivates, empowers, and inspires, contact Surgesound. Together, we can explore how our tailor-made solutions, like the SS101X, can enhance your gym, ensuring that every individual reaches their peak performance with every rep and every step.

About Performance Purist

Performance purist is a specialized strength and conditioning gym which recently opened on the 5th February in the Riverclub centre in Bryanston. The Gyms owners Ilona Wilson, Joshua Capazorio and Darryn Anthony have all achieved significant accolades representing South Africa in different skills.