Blaze PowerZone Connect 3004D

3000 W DSP-enabled Class-D amplifier with 4 channels and Dante™

The PowerZone™ Connect 3004D install power amplifier is designed to provide affordable, versatile, and reliable high-performance audio power.

Output Power @ 2 Ω 4 x 750 W (SE)*
Output Power @ 4 Ω 4 x 750 W (SE)
2 x 1500 W (BTL)**
Output Power @ 8 Ω 4 x 400 W (SE)
2 x 1500 W (BTL)
Output Power @ 70 V 2 x 1200 W (BTL)
Output Power @ 100 V 2 x 1500 W (BTL)
Total System Power 3000 W
Power Consumption 700 W
Dimensions 88 x 440 x 332 mm
3.5 x 17.3 x 13.1 in
Weight 7.4 kg


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PowerZone™ Connect Dante series

Upgrade your audio systems with our Dante-enabled PowerZone™ Connect amplifier series, empowering integrators with the tools necessary to create exceptional, high-quality audio experiences and flexible solutions using Ethernet network connections.


  • Compact form factor
  • Full-matrix DSP configuration via PowerZone™ Control web app (built-in)
  • Hybrid power distribution in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z
  • Powered by Pascal UMAC™ Class-D technology
  • Flexible power sharing across output channels
  • Audinate Dante™ AoIP compatibility (optional)
  • S/PDIF digital input/output
  • Configurable GPIO
  • ErP and Energy Star compliant
  • UL listed audio equipment

Streamlined Integration

Dante integration simplifies the incorporation of the amplifier into larger audio systems, such as those found in commercial buildings, educational institutions, houses of worship, or corporate environments. With Dante compatibility, the amplifier seamlessly integrates into the networked audio ecosystem, enabling efficient signal routing and management.

Enhanced Functionality and Adaptability

Installation amplifiers with Dante compatibility seamlessly integrate with other Dante-enabled devices, such as mixers, processors, and loudspeakers. This interoperability ensures compatibility and simplifies system expansion or upgrades, as new components can easily integrate into the existing Dante network without compatibility concerns.


  • Superior Flexibility
  • Deployment Simplicity
  • Dante Software Ready
  • Professional Audio Quality (44.1 / 48 kHz)
  • 4×4 channel I/O
  • Ultra Low Latency