EMX-7150-CF1 Measurement Microphone

Frequency range 10Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity 6mV/Pa typ.

Matching tolerance  ±0,5dB lineraity, 1mV microphone sensitivity @94dBspl

Dynamic range ~30 >140dBspl

3% distortion limits 145dBspl typ.

Calibration chart and calibration data files included on USB

Comes with Mic Clip, Calibrator Adaptor, Soft Pouch, USB Stick and Windshield

IEC 61672 class 1 frequency response


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The EMX-7150 is a measurement microphone made from stainless steel and using state of the art water tight Neutrik connectors. It has a very accurate frequency response combined with the capability to measure high sound pressure levels up to 145dB SPL. It is low impedance measurement microphone that can be operated from Phantom Power which is available on most professional microphone pre-amplifiers and professional computer interfaces. With its mechanically robust design it is well suited for harsh environment use such as open air sound reinforcement measurements. Its class 1 frequency response makes it predestined for Room acoustics analysis including recording studios and home theaters. It can normally be used without the included free-field calibration data file for compensation. In this case take the individual calibration data as proof of its superb performance.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm