Smaart LE (v9)


  • Unlimited simultaneous RTA measurements and live average of RTA data
  • Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution


  • Spectrum-over-time with amplitude represented by color
  • User definable dynamic range

Real Time Mode: Transfer Function (dual channel)

  • Magnitude, Coherence, Phase, Live Impulse Response (Live IR) graphs
  • Unlimited simultaneous TF measurement and live average of TF engines
  • MTW data aquisition

SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

  • View 1 SPL metric at a time
  • SPL A, C, & Unweighted Fast and Slow
  • Peak C, Peak Z (unweighted)
  • 1 user definable Leq metric (A, C, Z, time integration from 1sec-24 hours)
  • User definable ‘traffic light’ meter display colors

Signal Generator

  • Multi-output; mono, multi-mono, stereo
  • Independent output trim
  • Random, Pseudorandom, SMPTE, and speech weighted noise
  • Sine wave and File playback (.WAV .AIFF)
  • Optional noise fade-in

Data Acquisition

  • Unlimited simultaneous input and output channels
  • ASIO, Wav, and CoreAudio driver support
  • Input calibration for SPL

Smaart Version Comparison

Contact us for upgrade options if you own one of the following Smaart Legacy Licenses:

  • Smaart v7
  • Smaart v7 Di
  • Smaart v8
  • Smaart Di v2
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Smaart LE is an edition of Smaart’s Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed. LE uses the same measurement configuration process standard to the Smaart v9 platform, including multiple simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function engines with available live measurement averaging. Smaart LE contains the core, essential, functionality for day to day frequency response measurements (RTA, Spectrograph, Live IR, Phase, Magnitude, Coherence).

If you are a Smaart user and have never changed the settings from defaults, LE is the ideal version of Smaart for you. LE is also a great choice for Students, people starting on the Smaart platform, and anyone who doesn’t require the advanced SPL mode or IR Mode functions found in Suite.

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