The Apothecary – Retail shop sound system

The Apothecary - Retail shop sound system

Sound System for a Retail Shop

At Surgesound, we believe that every space, no matter how unique, deserves an audio-visual experience that enhances its charm and functionality. The Apothecary in Rivonia stands as a testament to this philosophy, blending the elegance of a retail store with the ambiance of an Amsterdam coffee shop. In this distinctive environment, the importance of a well-designed sound system cannot be overstated, and that’s where Surgesound comes in.

A Sound System as Unique as the Space
The challenge was clear: create a sound system that complements the unique character of The Apothecary while delivering the coverage and high performance expected in such a special setting. Our team set out to achieve this by selecting and installing the Work Pro Audio Neo series loudspeakers—a choice that perfectly aligned with the vision.
As a proud supplier of Work Pro Audio in South Africa, we had access to cutting-edge audio solutions. The Work Pro Neo series loudspeakers are renowned for their high-quality audio output and sleek appearance, available in various cabinet sizes and configurations. In this installation, we chose the Work Pro Neo 8 for its exceptional audio response and impressive output levels.

What sets these speakers apart is their user-friendly design. The mounting brackets are easy to install and highly intuitive, offering full horizontal and vertical movement with a secure position locking system. Whether you need Low Impedance (8-Ohm) or High Impedance (100V/70V) application, these speakers have you covered.
To control audio levels in different areas of the shop, we employed a Zone Amplifier equipped with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. This feature not only ensures a clean and clutter-free setup but also allows for seamless audio playback directly over Bluetooth. No additional cables or complications—just pure, immersive sound.

Design Excellence in Every Detail
Despite its relatively modest size, The Apothecary received meticulous design and product selection attention. The result? A retail shop sound system that seamlessly integrates into the space, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Shoppers enjoy a pleasant and immersive experience, where attractive decor and quality products meet an exceptional sound system.

Your Space, Your Sound System
If you’re the owner of a similar establishment looking to elevate your space with a tailored audio-visual solution, Surgesound is here to help. We’re ready to provide you with a custom quote that suits your space’s unique needs and audio-visual requirements.

Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to enhance your space.