The Roof Bryanston


Sound Systems For The Hospitality Industry

Setting the Audio Stage: Surgesound’s Custom Audio Systems for Restaurants and Hospitality
In the heart of Bryanston, where culinary delights meet breathtaking views, The Roof stands as an epitome of fine dining and splendid vistas. This top-tier establishment not only offers an exquisite menu but also one of the most awe-inspiring views of Sandton City and the city skyline. Open from Thursday to Sunday, The Roof is the quintessential spot for sundowners paired with delectable meals.

The Roof: Where Ambiance Meets Excellence
In a space where culinary artistry and breathtaking views converge, creating the perfect ambiance is essential. The Roof understands this, which is why they selected Surgesound as their audio supplier. Surgesound’s reputation for crafting bespoke audio solutions made them the ideal choice for elevating the auditory experience at The Roof.

Custom Design: Maximising Control and Compliance
One of the unique challenges The Roof faced was its proximity to a residential area. To ensure that the sound system complied with local noise regulations while delivering top-notch quality, Surgesound meticulously designed the audio setup. The result? Maximum control, exceptional audio quality, and comprehensive coverage.

The Dancefloor: Where Sound Comes to Life
The dancefloor at The Roof received special attention. Surgesound installed custom-manufactured active loudspeakers that redefine the meaning of high-quality sound. These loudspeakers are equipped with premium B&C loudspeaker components, powered by bi-amped modules, and come with built-in DSP for precise sound management. The dancefloor is now a sonic playground where every beat and rhythm comes to life, ensuring that every dancer’s footstep is in perfect harmony with the music.

Seamless Sound: Work Pro Audio Neo8 Loudspeakers
Throughout the rest of the venue, Surgesound installed Work Pro Audio Neo8 Loudspeakers. These speakers are renowned for their smooth coverage and zoned level control, making them the perfect choice for creating an immersive auditory experience in all areas of The Roof. Whether you’re savoring a meal, enjoying sundowners, or simply taking in the view, the audio quality remains impeccable.

Choose Surgesound: Elevate Your Dining Experience
The Roof’s choice of Surgesound as their audio supplier is a testament to Surgesound’s commitment to crafting custom audio systems that enhance the dining and hospitality industry. If you own or manage a restaurant, bar, or hospitality venue and wish to create a unique auditory atmosphere that complements your establishment’s excellence, look no further than Surgesound. Contact us to explore how our tailor-made solutions can transform your space, creating an unforgettable experience that keeps patrons returning for more.