The Wild Side

Crafting Unique Sonic Experiences: The Wild Side’s Custom Restaurant and Bar Audio System
In the world of dining and nightlife, every restaurant and bar carries its own distinct identity—a unique fusion of atmosphere, cuisine, and character. At Surgesound, we recognise that no two establishments are the same, and that’s why we take pride in crafting bespoke audio solutions that harmonise seamlessly with each venue’s personality. The Wild Side, a spirited hang-out known for its character and flavour, is a testament to our commitment to creating unforgettable audio experiences.

Tailored Audio from Top to Bottom
The Wild Side is more than just a restaurant and bar; it’s a hub of energy where patrons come to immerse themselves in exceptional food, great music, and all-around good vibes. To enhance this immersive experience, Surgesound was entrusted with the task of designing and installing a custom audio solution.
Our approach was simple yet profound: create a system that offers maximum flexibility without compromising on ease of use. Each restaurant and bar has its own unique layout and needs, and The Wild Side was no exception. We turned to the Work Pro Neo series loudspeakers to meet the venue’s specific requirements.

Work Pro Neo Series Loudspeakers: Where Quality Meets Performance
The Work Pro Neo series loudspeakers are renowned for their exceptional audio quality, and they perfectly aligned with the specifications set by The Wild Side. These loudspeakers deliver ample volume and coverage, ensuring that every corner of the venue is immersed in sound.
But what truly sets these loudspeakers apart is their versatility. The restaurant is divided into various audio zones, allowing for precise volume control and audio source selection in each zone. This means that The Wild Side’s audio can be fine-tuned to cater to different moods and events, from quiet dining moments to lively nights of entertainment.

Nightlife Sound Entertainment
To cater to the vibrant nightlife The Wild Side offers, we strategically installed DJ plug-in points. Entertainers can now seamlessly plug directly into the audio system, effortlessly covering the various zones within the venue. This ensures that the music experience remains dynamic and responsive to the energy of the crowd.

Beyond Installation: Training, Support, and Maintenance
But our commitment doesn’t end with installation. At Surgesound, we understand that audio systems require ongoing attention and expertise. That’s why we go the extra mile by training The Wild Side’s staff to confidently operate the equipment. We’re also on standby to provide support and maintenance for as long as our clients need it, ensuring that the sound and audio experience remains flawless.

Your Venue, Your Sound Story
Just as The Wild Side has carved its unique niche in the world of dining and nightlife, your restaurant or bar deserves a custom-designed audio system that elevates its character and offerings. Contact Surgesound, and let’s embark on a journey to craft a unique sonic story for your venue. Whether you’re creating a vibrant nightlife hub or an intimate dining experience, our solutions, backed by industry-leading loudspeakers like the Work Pro Neo series, will ensure your patrons enjoy every moment, from a quiet dinner to wild nights out.