Sound Systems For Entertainment Venues

Custom Sound Systems For Entertainment Venues

Unveiling Excellence: Surgesound’s Transformation of Trianon into a World-Class Multipurpose Venue
Trianon, situated in the vibrant island nation of Mauritius, has evolved into a modern, multipurpose venue that epitomizes excellence. Originally conceived as a house of worship, the journey to its current stature was paved with collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Northwind Recording, a longtime partner of Surgesound, played a pivotal role in this transformation. The venue initially presented a unique challenge—a substantial requirement for acoustic treatment before the audio system installation could commence. Surgesound responded by installing the EAW AX-Series system, meticulously arranged in four mono arcs across the venue. This audio marvel served the venue flawlessly for over a decade, setting the stage for what was to come.

Evolving with Vision: A New Era for Trianon
As time and vision evolved, Trianon’s management embarked on a bold decision—to transform the venue into a dynamic, multi-functional space capable of hosting large-scale concerts and a diverse range of events. Once again, Northwind Recording and Surgesound were called upon to breathe life into this new vision. The task at hand was clear: install a high-performance stereo system that could meet the demands of the venue’s ambitious goals. The EAW RSX System emerged as the perfect choice—a symbol of power, precision, and adaptability. Four distinct models from the RSX range were strategically deployed, creating a harmonious soundscape capable of resonating with the grandeur of any event.

Meet the New System Elements:

  • 16x EAW RSX212L Large Format Active Line Arrays: These towering giants deliver unparalleled audio quality, ensuring that every note and every word is crystal clear, no matter where you are in the venue.
  • 8x EAW RSX208L Small Format Active Line Arrays: These versatile arrays are the backbone of the system, providing precise coverage and impeccable sound quality.
  • 2x EAW RSX129 Active Point Source Loudspeakers: These speakers bring pinpoint accuracy to the audio, ensuring that every sound reaches its intended destination with pristine clarity.
  • 6x EAW RSX218 Dual 18″ Active Subwoofers: The foundation of any memorable performance, these subwoofers add depth and power to the audio, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • 8x EAW RSX12M Active Coaxial Stage Monitors: These stage monitors empower performers with the ability to hear themselves with precision, ensuring flawless performances.

Surgesound’s Ongoing Commitment to Excellence
What sets Surgesound apart is not only their ability to design and install world-class sound systems but also their unwavering commitment to long-term support and maintenance. Beyond the initial installation, Surgesound continues to stand by their clients, ensuring that the audio experience remains flawless, event after event. The transformation of Trianon into a world-class multipurpose venue is not just a testament to Surgesound’s technical prowess but also their dedication to realizing their clients’ visions and exceeding their expectations.

New System Elements: