Eminence Speakers in South Africa

Elevating Audio Experiences with Eminence Speakers in South Africa

Surgesound, a professional audio-visual solutions company, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Eminence Speakers in South Africa, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Surgesound has consistently delivered cutting-edge audio solutions to clients across various market sectors. Now, as the exclusive distributor for Eminence in South Africa, Surgesound is poised to take audio experiences to new heights.

Why Eminence?

Eminence has a rich legacy of producing top-quality loudspeakers that cater to musicians, audio professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Their commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional sound quality aligns perfectly with Surgesound’s mission to provide turnkey audio-visual solutions. Whether you’re setting up a professional studio, live event, or home theatre, Eminence loudspeakers deliver unmatched performance.

The company was founded by Bob Gault in 1966 in Kentucky, USA. The Eminence and Henry County community could also provide the labour required to design and assemble high-quality loudspeakers on a large scale. The first Eminence facility, located in downtown Eminence, employed around thirty people. In 1972 Eminence Speaker moved to a new location in Shawnee Industrial Park on Mulberry Pike, where we remain today. Under the leadership of Gault and, more recently, his son, Rob, the company’s capacity grew to as much as 10,000 speakers per day, employing over 240 people by 1997.

Eminence loudspeakers are trusted by musicians, sound engineers, and audiophiles worldwide. Their commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and exceptional sound reproduction makes them the preferred choice for professionals. Now, with Surgesound as the distributor, South African customers can access these outstanding products with ease.

In September 2023, Rob Gault and his family decided to sell Eminence to B&C Speakers, a prominent loudspeaker manufacturer based in Florence, Italy. The B&C Speakers Group focuses on the loudspeaker market. They have firmly committed to investing in modernizing the Kentucky factory and adding vital research and development resources, world-class sourcing, and global distribution connectivity that will benefit Eminence in the years ahead. 

Take a tour of the factory.


Eminence Speaker offers a range of options for your professional audio needs. From state of the art high-frequency drivers using 21st-century materials to thumping sub-woofers, you can find the perfect driver for your needs.


Eminence offers many types of speakers designed to maximize the tone you are seeking. From replacement speakers for a vintage application to a brand new cab build, Eminence has the right guitar replacement speaker for you.


Look inside most name brand bass amps and you’ll find custom designed, Eminence bass guitar speakers. The people who make them know what bass players want. From fast and tight to fat and round, Eminence speakers give you the tone to hold it all together.


From high-quality compression drivers to well-designed horn flares and crossovers, Eminence has an HF device to complete your loudspeaker system.

HF Drivers
Whether for use in Eminence-loaded cabinets or an upgrade to an existing system, Eminence HF drivers achieve extraordinary levels of audio performance. Add to that the same unrivaled durability you’ve come to expect from Eminence bass and midrange transducers, and you’ve got true professional value.

The Eminence assortment of horns is engineered to complement Eminence HF drivers perfectly. Each horn is manufactured from the highest quality materials to obtain a balance of strength, durability, and weight savings.

Eminence Professional Series crossovers are technically superior passive filters available in board-only configurations. Our high-pass protection circuits center around custom-manufactured aerospace lamps working as positive temperature coefficient series varistors to protect your HF device without introducing distortion. From low-pass and high-pass filters to two-way and three-way units with multiple crossover point options and L-PADs for more custom HF-level control, there is an Eminence crossover solution for you.

What Surgesound Offers

  1. Bespoke Audio-Visual Solutions: Surgesound designs custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From system design to installation, their in-house experts ensure seamless integration of Eminence loudspeakers into your space.
  2. Product Distribution: Surgesound has aligned itself with reputable brands specializing in professional equipment. As the exclusive distributor for Eminence, they provide access to a wide range of loudspeakers and components.
  3. Service & Repair: Surgesound stands by the solutions they provide. Their team ensures that Eminence products are supported, repaired, and maintained to factory standards.
  4. Training: Surgesound offers training on all the products they stock and install, empowering clients to operate their audio systems confidently.