Equipson South Africa

Surgesound, the supplier of Equipson South Africa.

The Equipson Group that caters for a broad range of markets in the entertainment industry. Surgesound is a proud supplier of Equipson products in South Africa. Since 1995 the Equipson group has set out to provide good quality products at an affordable budget. Their head office, R&D department and warehouse is in located in Spain. Their constant product development is in line with market demand, to provide the industry what it needs.

Surgesound imports Equipson products to cater for the installation and touring market. Their catalogue stretches from loudspeakers and amplifiers to structural lifters or even power distribution units. 


Work Pro Audio South Africa | Equipson South Africa

Their installation products are very suited for commercial and leisure installation projects such as restaurants, retail stores, gymnasiums and hotels. A popular solution is the Work Neo series of installation range of loudspeakers. This series has a sleek design and easy to install wall-mount bracket system. They come in driver sizes ranging from 3″ up to 8″ with selected models having an IP65 weather resistant rating, perfect for outdoor applications. Other model variants include active units with Bluetooth on board and they also have an accompanying active subwoofer for low frequency extension.

Work Pro Audio South Africa

They manufacture lifting towers for lighting, video and audio systems. These lifters come in various configurations that can either have front or top mounted attachments. The front mounted units are mainly for suspending line-array loudspeaker speakers. Top mounted can be used for lighting, trussing or point source loudspeakers. They have supported weight versions from 60Kg up to 1,200Kg. They height extensions are between 3m and up to 8m. All these lifters are quality tested and certified.


Equipson South Africa has a product for almost every requirement. Contact us to find out the in-stock products for your next project in South Africa or Africa.