How Custom Hospitality AV Solutions Transform Venues

Musicologists spend years studying the relationship songs have with geography, aesthetics, politics, our mood and more. Certain chords can pull at our heartstrings, whilst others can get us tapping our feet and onto the dance floor.

Music plays a powerful role in setting the ambience and style of a restaurant or café. Hospitality AV solutions can even affect our menu choices and how we interact with those dining or drinking.

Read on for the lowdown about custom audio-visual systems for bars and restaurants.

The Impact of Clear Sound

Put audio levels aside for a moment. What we care about most when we are out and about is the clarity of the music we can hear, regardless of how loud it is. A crackly sound system with constant interruptions won’t cut it, no matter how much we pump up the volume.

Music sets the mood for restaurants. It needs to be unintrusive yet pleasing to the ear. Studies show that background music can influence what we eat. Jazz, for example, can provoke a heartier appetite than hip-hop, some experts say.

Louder music may encourage us to drink more when we’re out drinking with friends in a bar. Clarity, however, will always be king, and the best Hospitality AV Solutions will incorporate the latest sound equipment to achieve this. Top-quality gear helps create a lasting impression, encouraging guests to return time and again.

Surgesound’s Bespoke AV Systems for Bars and Cafés

At Surgesound, we only use the finest equipment in our state-of-the-art sound systems. This can greatly enhance sound quality and sound clarity so that guests have the best possible experience.

We can provide zone-specific audio setups. For example, some venue areas may need more upbeat music at a higher volume. Other parts may call for softer sounds to encourage more intimate conversation. Wherever the need, Surgesound will provide high-quality speaker systems for optimal sound delivery.

Lighting Solutions That Set the Mood

There’s another powerful aspect of Hospitality AV Solutions that can affect the ambience of a venue, and that is how you light it. Softer lighting may be more appropriate for romantic settings, for instance. However, the same venue may have a dance area that is crying out for smart lighting solutions synchronised with the music.

Surgesound can carry out a complete survey of a venue. The team can then suggest and implement appropriate sound solutions. These could include the incorporation of dynamic lighting effects for special events and promotions.

Super-Sized Screens and Displays

The latest digital technology means it’s far easier to position screens wherever they can enhance customer experience. Nightclubs may, for example, want sharp and sophisticated displays that match their clientele’s style and their favourite beats.

A growing number of restaurants are choosing to install menu boards they can update and redesign. This allows for greater ease in the promotion of specials and limited-time offers. They can also encourage cross-selling and upselling.

Large screens are vital for sports bars allowing customers to enjoy their favourite big events. The result is a better experience for drinkers and an incentive that draws in more trade for the venue.

Above all, screens and displays need to integrate with the audio systems for a cohesive experience. And it takes the expertise of experts like those at Surgesound to achieve this.

Surgesound For All Your Hospitality AV Solutions

AV Systems for Bars and Custom audio-visual systems for restaurants are key drivers for overall customer satisfaction. Get in touch with one of the friendly Surgesound team today, and let us take your sound and lighting to a higher level.