iSEMcon South Africa

Surgesound, South Africa distributor for iSEMcon measurement equipment.

iSEMcon design, manufacture and distribute high quality measurement microphones and accessories from Germany. Surgesound is a distributor for iSEMcon products in South Africa and select African countries. 


iSEMcon offer high quality measurement microphones for various applications. 

iSEMcon EMX-7150 Measurement Microphone

The EMX-7150 is an industry standard amongst sound system engineers across the globe. The EMX7150 is class 1 compliant in accordance with IEC61672. They can be used for Electro-acoustic sound system measurements, Building Acoustics, Environmental noise measurements or Sound Insulation measurements. They are lightweight and compact. Each microphone comes with carry pouch and protective cylinder, Microphone clip and Frequency Calibration file.

iSEMcon South Africa

The ¼“ iSEMic Microphone and Accessories Series is supply and signal voltage compatibility to iPhone*1, iPad*1 as well as other mobile devices including laptop computers and Phantom Powered Pro Audio Equipment. The superb functionality is provided by the space saving microphone built-in electronics. The iSEMic is class 2 compliant in accordance with IEC61672

iSEMcon South Africa

This super compact phantom powered measurement microphone has a 1/4″ Front and a 1/2″ body. It uses a Mini-XLR connector that plugs into the stainless steel housing. A 5m MiniXLR to XLR Cable is included.


Amplitude Calibrators and All-weather protection kits.

Surgesound iSEMcon SC-1

The SC-1 sound calibrator is a single-frequency dual-amplitude, self-contained field calibrator used to quickly and precisely verify the accuracy and the sensitivity of microphones. The unit generates a 1kHz reference tone at 94 and 110 dB SPL. The SC-1 consists of an amplitude-switchable constant frequency oscillator, a transducer and a microphone coupler. The coupler accepts a large variety of microphones.

Surgesound iSEMcon OPS35

The OPS 35 system is designed to be used with a large variety of microphones in the nominal mic diameter range of 1/4“ to 1/2“ as well as different mic length. It is available of the shelf in two (2) standard length.

285mm for short microphones like iSEMcon’s EMM-7101 upon others.

385mm for long microphones like iSEMcon’s EMX-7150 upon others.

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