RS Series

RS Series

RS Series is a family of 2-ways and subwoofers that utilise leading-edge touring-grade transducers and EAW Core Technology to produce unmatched fidelity and accuracy.

The loudspeakers benefit from EAW Focussing™, advanced digital signal processing that perfects the impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. This eliminates horn “honk” and splashiness, giving the loudspeaker the quality of studio monitor sound instead of a “PA” speaker.

Pattern control of the RS Series loudspeaker is further enhanced by the unique, constant directivity HF horn; a design theory first proven in our legendary MK Series, a series born from the audio performance needs of stadiums throughout the world.

The RS subwoofers offer 1500 watts of Class-D Power Factor Corrected amplification. EAW Core Technology, in the form of DynO™, makes sure all that power is accurately directed and sounds great for every member of the audience.

Match the RS Series to the latest version of Resolution, our easy-to-use simulation software, and you get the ability to accurately predict the performance of one or multiple RS Series enclosures within your venue. The perfect set of tools and a stunning result.

RS Series is perfectly suited to:

  • Theatres, auditoria and performing arts centres
  • Live production/regional rental houses
  • Live music and dance clubs
  • Corporate AV events
  • Houses of worship
  • Dry hire

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