Alchemy Series

Designed, hand-built, and tested to strict quality standards in Connecticut, USA, the Alchemy Microphone Series is TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s next generation of large diaphragm condensers. These microphone models feature unique sonic profiles developed from the ground up. The bold voicings of the Alchemy Microphone Series are the TF11, TF17, TF29, TF39, TF47, and TF51.

Benefitting from over a decade of in-house microphone design and production, the Alchemy Series is an evolution and expansion of past TELEFUNKEN models. Numerous sonic and mechanical improvements have been implemented in the Alchemy Series, as well as new technologies as found in the TF11 and TF17, TELEFUNKEN’s large diaphragm phantom-powered condensers. Boasting a custom designed headgrille for transparency and openness, hand-plugged circuit boards, and premium selected components and transformers, no detail has been left unaddressed. All Alchemy Series microphones ship in sleek, compact protective cases and include two modern mount options and all necessary accessories.

Like all TELEFUNKEN microphones, the Alchemy Series is assembled in the same American facility as the legendary Diamond Series by a small, dedicated team of engineers and technicians. Each microphone is individually tested and listened to. All critical components are quality controlled in-house before assembly, including capsule frequency sweeps, vacuum tube burn-in and noise grading, and transistor biasing for lowest possible distortion. These high standards lead to extremely tight tolerances from microphone to microphone.

The Alchemy Series combines timeless sound quality with TELEFUNKEN reliability in an affordable package. Whether it’s the home studio or a commercial facility, the Alchemy Microphone Series is suited for any recording environment.


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