Diamond Series

The Diamond Series features three primary microphone models that epitomize vintage vacuum tube microphone technology, which characterize and color the sounds of popular recorded music from the late 1940’s through today. These three pillars of the vintage microphone world were selected to preserve their legacy not only because of their extremely high fidelity sonic abilities, but also because they exemplify the nearly gone culture of high quality manufacturing and hand-made workmanship.

The Diamond Series is currently comprised of five microphones; three main models and two variants. They are the C12, ELA M 251E, ELA M 251T, U47 and U48. All of the parts for these microphones were reverse engineered and recreated exactly to the originals in order to manufacture new models and provide restoration parts for the vintage versions. The large majority of the parts are custom tooled and machined in the USA, where TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is located. Every microphone is hand-built and assembled from the ground up and tested in the TELEFUNKEN facility located in South Windsor, Connecticut. Each microphone is individually wired point-to-point; no circuit boards to be found here. Every plastic is riveted by hand, and each assembly is tapped and screwed together by hand. Diamond Series microphones are produced in
smaller production runs to achieve the finest attention to detail.

The dream of TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik remains to preserve these iconic microphones and their history, and to develop new microphone technology that draws inspiration from them. TELEFUNKEN continues the tradition of producing high fidelity recording instruments to benefit the recording and performing world, and to continue to characterize music for generations to come.

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