NEO 5 BT (White Set)


  • Passive loudspeaker powered from active loudspeaker.
  • Bluetooth, RCA and 3.5mm AUX input.
  • Wall brackets included.
  • IP 54 range.
  • Available in Black and White.



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The NEO 5 BT Bluetooth speaker set is the epitome of powerful, elegant, and high-quality performance installation speakers. These top-of-the-line speakers come equipped with the convenience of Bluetooth control. Taking their versatility to new heights. The self-powered two-way loudspeakers in the NEO Series offer an impressive indoor line of sight (LOS) range of up to 30 meters, providing users with free control over their audio systems. The possibilities for audio input have been expanded because of the innovative Bluetooth feature. Allowing users to choose between conventional audio input signals through input connectors or Bluetooth control by utilizing an external device to send audio files wirelessly.


These loudspeakers are perfectly designed for fixed installations, and they feature a Class D amplifier that delivers exceptional audio quality while minimizing weight and heat. The addition of volume and two-tone controls further enhances the flexibility and customization options. Allowing users to easily tailor the sound output to their specific needs. These speakers are conveniently sold in pairs, comprising of an active and a passive loudspeaker. Additionally, customers have the option to select either a sleek black or white finish, enabling seamless integration into a diverse range of projects.


Alongside the impressive audio capabilities, the NEO Series Bluetooth speaker set offers a range of convenient features. The passive loudspeaker is powered directly from the active loudspeaker, simplifying the setup process. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity opens up a world of possibilities. Enabling wireless control and audio streaming from compatible devices. To aid in the installation process, wall brackets are included, providing a secure and adjustable mounting solution. Lastly, the NEO Series loudspeakers boast an IP54 rating. Ensuring protection against dust and water splashes, making them suitable for outdoor applications.


The NEO 5 BT Series active and passive loudspeakers with a power output of 2 x 25 W RMS are the pinnacle of performance and convenience. With their powerful audio capabilities, Bluetooth control, versatile installation options, and durable construction, these speakers are perfect for a wide range of projects and applications. Experience the NEO Series and elevate your audio system to new heights.


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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 40 cm