EAW South Africa

  • Single 18″ Active Subwoofer
  • Compact, flyable design ideal for installs with floor space constraints or specific aesthetic demands.
  • Extremely approachable EAWResolution software delivers system prediction, control and monitoring from any location in the venue.
  • Proven EAW acoustical design and DSP including Focusing™ and DynO™ provides a pristine impulse response at all output levels.
  • Integrated Dante™ networking (with loop-thru) on all models including Analog redundancy capability.



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The EAW RSX18F 18” subwoofer is flyable and ultra-compact, ideal for installs or other applications with minimal floor space for subwoofers. The RSX18F features onboard electronics and ultra-wide ports that drastically reduce low-frequency turbulence.

EAW RSX18F Specifications

Frequency Response 27 Hz -125 Hz
Max SPL 135 dB (Half Space)
Operating Mode Amplifier Channels: Single-amp LF
Signal Processing: DSP w/ Dyn0™
Subsystem Transducer: 1 x 18 in cone; 3 in voice coil.
Nominal Beamwidth Horizontal 360°
Vertical 360°
Power Handling 1000W
Connections Powercon AC Mains/Loop
2x Neutrik® etherCON™
XLR Input/Loop
Dimensions Height: 20.52 in (521.2 mm)
Width: 32 in (812.8 mm)
Depth: 27.23 in (691.6)
Weight 106 lbs (48 kg)

EAW RS Series


Designed to streamline setup and deliver maximum results in minimum time, RADIUS couples unique and intelligent features with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms and system integrators. With RADIUS, achieving optimal sonic performance has never been easier or more accessible. Smart features like OptiLogic™ drastically cut down on setup and tuning time. And, system design and control has never been more approachable. Resolution software provides total system optimization from anywhere in the venue, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application. With the proven sonic performance of EAW’s acoustic design and DSP mastery, plus full Dante™ integration across the line, RADIUS delivers an intelligent and flexible system to fit any budget.

EAW RSX Family of Products

  • EAW RSX212L Line-array
  • EAW RSX18F Flown Subwoofer
  • EAW RSX208L Line-array
  • EAW RSX12 Flown Subwoofer
  • EAW RSX89 Point Source Loudspeaker
  • EAW RSX129 Point Source Loudspeaker
  • EAW RSX12M Stage Monitor
  • EAW RSX218 Subwoofer

With an extremely approachable design for engineers and system techs of all levels, Resolution software offers powerful design, prediction and system optimization. This single, comprehensive solution delivers intuitive and powerful control over your RADIUS system.

Precision at all costs

RADIUS benefits from EAW’s long history of precision acoustical design, game-changing processing, and unwavering commitment to developing optimized components in each and every design. The result is spectacular fidelity at any level.

The power of math

Harnessing powerful integral DSP to optimize audio quality before it even leaves the loudspeaker is a true EAW strength. RADIUS leverages proven algorithms that have redefined sonic performance.

  • Focusing™ corrects inherent acoustical anomalies to deliver immaculate impulse response throughout the entire coverage pattern.
  • DynO™ intelligently preserves a clean impulse response even at the highest output levels