Telefunken M82 Microphone

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The M82 is a robust, end-address microphone that features a large dynamic diaphragm with superb low frequency capabilities.

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The Telefunken M82 Microphone is a robust, end-address microphone that features a large dynamic diaphragm with superb low frequency capabilities. Though it was designed to capture fat and punchy kick drum tones, the two on-board EQ switches make the M82 equally suited for a multitude of sources including vocals, percussion, guitar and bass amplifiers, organ, and brass instruments.
Both the KICK EQ and HIGH BOOST switches function independently and give the user the ability to tailor the microphone’s response to the source with ease. The M82 is hand-assembled and tested in our American facility.

Telefunken M82 Microphone EQ Switch Function

The M82 is designed with a built-in switchable two band equalizer. This gives the user four distinct EQ curves to select the ideal response for the sound source.

KICK EQ is a low midrange notch filter that provides a 6 dB bandcut at 350 Hz, which removes the boxy character of the kick drum and adds definition. Though this was designed for kick drum, this EQ also caters to bass amps or any source in need of clearing up the low midrange.

HIGH BOOST is a high frequency boost. This engages a slow rising shelf on the frequency response starting around 2 kHz and opens up the capsule’s top end 6 dB at 10 kHz. This is great for added high-end presence on your source.


Telefunken m82 Microphones

Recommended EQ Settings:

Setting 1:

Clean electric guitar
Brass & woodwind

Setting 2:

Broadcast voice
Distorted guitar amps
Mallet-based percussion

Setting 3:

Vintage kick drum sound
Bass cab
Organ Leslie cabinet bottom

Setting 4:

Modern kick drum sound
Floor and rack toms
Kick drum with resonant head

Telefunken M82 Microphone – TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

  • Type: Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz – 18 kHz, ±3 dB
  • Capsule: 25mm Dynamic Moving Coil
  • Transformer: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik T80
  • Sensitivity: 1.54 mV/Pa, ±1 dB
  • Output Impedance: 325 Ω
  • Maximum SPL (for 1% THD): 135 dB
  • Dimensions/Size: 184 mm L x 48 mm Dia
  • Weight: 430 g
  • Included Accessories: Mic Clip, Zip Pouch

Dynamic Series overview

Designed and assembled in TELEFUNKEN’s American facility, the Dynamic Series microphone models are modern staples in live sound reinforcement and studio recording. Their unmatched sonic performance is mated with intelligent internal construction to provide low handling noise and trustworthy durability. Each model has its own specific strengths to not only meet the various demands of live sound and studio recording, but also complement the other microphone models in the Series; whether it’s the M80’s condenser like extended high end, the M81’s flat frequency response and exceptional midrange, or the M82’s superb low frequency capabilities.

These tailored attributes allow for a cohesive sound in multi-microphone applications, such as drum sets, vocal groups, and horn sections. The M80 and M81 are available in handheld, low-profile, and wireless configurations, as well as in a variety of color and finish combinations through our Custom Shop. The M82, a large diaphragm dynamic with on-board equalizer switches, excels in both music and broadcast voice applications. All three models are featured in the TELEFUNKEN Drum Packs.


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