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VDSDI25 25m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Assembled (SMPTE 424 – 2.97Gb/s)
VDSDI50 50m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Assembled (SMPTE 292 – 1.485Gb/s)
VDSDI50/D 50m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Drum Assembled (SMPTE 292 – 1.485Gb/s)
VDSDI75 75m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Assembled (SMPTE 259 – 360Mb/s)
VDSDI75/D 75m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Drum Assembled (SMPTE 259 – 360Mb/s)
VDSDI100 100m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Assembled (SMPTE 259 – 360Mb/s)
VDSDI100/D 100m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Drum Assembled (SMPTE 259 – 360Mb/s)
VDSDI150 150m Van-damme 75ohm SDI EcoFlex Assembled (SMPTE 259 – 360Mb/s)
278075000100 100m Van-damme SDI (raw cable)
278075000500 500m Van-damme SDI (raw cable)




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The Van Damme SDI Vision range of 75 Ohm precision coaxial cables comprises a Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacketed single coax and 6 way LSZH jacketed multicore. As with the Van Damme HD vision range close attention has been paid to their electrical characteristics and tolerances to ensure trouble free performance with SMPTE 259M SDI signals as well as analogue video. These cables can also be used for shorter distance transmission of 3 Gb/s HD-SDI – please see the transmission length guidelines.

Van damme SDI


  • Transmission of SDI and analogue video signals.
  • Short runs of 2.97 Gb/s HD-SDI.
  • 6 way multicore ideal for multiple SDI runs and/or RGBHV + composite analogue video.
  • Installation in public buildings, schools and colleges, government premises and marine vessels

Application Notes

  • Use of precision 75 Ohm components throughout any signal chain is imperative.
  • SHF1 Low Smoke Zero Halogen thermoplastic jacketing materials compliant with IEC 60092-360:2014.
  • Electrical installations in Ships.
  • Fully tested and compliant with the following IEC standards:
    • IEC 60332.1 Fire retardancy of a single cable;
    • IEC 60754.1 Amount of Halogen Gas Emissions;
    • IEC 60754.2 Degree of acidity of released gases;
    • IEC 61034.2 Measurement of smoke density

Van Damme SDI Specifications

Conductor 1 x 0.60 mm bare oxygen-free copper
Conductor size 1 x 0.60 mm, 0.28 mm2 , AWG 18
Dielectric Foam skin polyethylene
Diameter 2.80 ± 0.05 mm
Screen 1 Aluminium/polyester foil 125% coverage
Screen 2 (Outer) SHF1 LSZH thermoplastic polymer Water Blue RAL 5021
Overall diameter 4.50 ± 0.15 mm
Bend radius 15 x overall diameter

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The Van Damme range has been designed, engineered and refined for over three decades as a result of technological advances and customer driven requirements.

This comprehensive and intelligent yet practical range of specialist audio and video cables has achieved premier status simply by being the finest cable range of its type on the open market.
Listening closely to customers and keeping our finger ‘on the pulse’ has afforded us the enviable position of offering our clients what they truly need without compromise.

The highly evolved products in this site are a result of years of keeping ‘in tune’ with our customers coupled with our own refinements and exhaustive research and development into cabling technology.

We have incorporated into the Van Damme range many new and innovative ideas never seen before. These are designed to cater for anything from eco-friendly to user friendly, this largely depending on whether it is an architectural specification or the rigours of touring.

What we believe we have created are truly elegant cabling solutions for a vast array of applications.

This is why Van Damme is employed so confidently on the stages, studios and screens across the world.

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