• 4x 400W @ 8 ohms
  • 4x 750W @ 4/2 ohms
  • 2U Rack Space
  • Full matrix DSP embedded and controlled via TCP/IP
  • Versatile Outputs – Optimal hybrid of Low and High Z performance
  • Sync Functionality – S/PDIF linking to multiple amps
  • Power Share – Support of power sharing up to 250 W
  • Certified – Safety and EMC. Compliant to ErP & EnergySTAR*
  • Market Proven Reliability – Based on Pascal amplifier technology.


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Welcome to EAW’s range of advanced digital processors and amplifiers. Tools that integrate processing and acoustics in revolutionary ways to deliver prediction, control, monitoring and superior acoustical performance.

Software meets hardware

The UXA/UX Series brings together software and hardware in perfect harmony. Compatible across the range of EAW loudspeaker systems, the UXA/UX Series of processors and amplifiers puts you in control, enabling you to audition, refine and deliver the best possible sound quality from EAW’s advanced speaker systems.

The key to this power lies in industry leading digital processing. EAW’s proprietary algorithms integrate processing and acoustics in revolutionary ways to deliver optimum system performance. Integrated with the EAW Resolution 2.7™ software application (see below) the UXA/UX Series gives you full control, the ability to intuitively and speedily adjust your setup to peak performance.

All this is contained in a compact rackmount electronics package suited to both installed and production sound. The front panels give you access to quick setup functions while our Resolution software delivers advanced predictability/control and the ability to closely monitor all facets of the sound output.

Key Features

  • Four channels of sonically pure Class D amplification.
  • Very high power density – packs four channels or eight channels and 10kW into just 2U of rack space.
  • Packed with robust protection and monitoring systems to keep the show going.
  • External Breaker Protection (EBP) limits the current draw to prevent breakers opening.
  • EAW minimal signal path design – Class leading sonic performance achieved by the use of state of the art amplifier technologies and highly advanced DSP algorithms.
  • 48kHz sampling frequency – Rotary encoders, illuminated buttons and graphical display provide a rapid, intuitive and user-friendly control interface.
  • High speed Ethernet communications supporting DHCP, static-IP and auto-IP and direct connection to a computer.
  • Linear phase HF system EQ profiling which provides perfect integration between enclosures – Dante audio networking with automatic fall over to Analog or AES3.
  • AES3 inputs.
  • Greybox TM enabled.


  • Processing and amplification optimization that simplifies user workflow.
  • Predict, control and monitor quickly and effectively.
  • Advanced control through Resolution 2.6™ software application.
  • Compact package suitable for production or installed sound.
  • Fully compatible across the range of EAW loudspeaker systems.
  • Easy integration between enclosures.

Greybox technology

Greybox technology is at the heart of the processing power that delivers control and power through the UXA/UX Series. A Greybox is an electronic file that includes everything you need to get optimal performance from an EAW loudspeaker.

The name derives from the inputs that go to make-up the file. The ‘White’ component is the user input – what the user requires. The ‘Black’ component is EAW-provided data and is locked down. Mix the two together and you get the ‘Grey’ in Greybox.

The file includes:

  • Crossover settings.
  • Focusing – advanced digital signal processing is used to perfect impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. This eliminates horn “honk” and splashiness, creating a sound more like a studio monitor than a “PA” speaker.
  • DynO – (where applicable) and limiters. Dynamic Optimization actively tracks input spectrum and power delivery, continually maximizing output and fidelity at any drive level.
  • Easy configuration.

Focusing – Cleaner sound, easily achieved

On the left we have two slides. On slide one we have two graphs. Both are spectrograms, graphs showing frequency (up and down), time (left to right) and level (color, red is hotter).

In an ideal world we want a straight, thin line. This represents a perfect impulse response. However what we usually get with loudspeakers is time smear from midrange (reflections off of surrounds of midrange cone) as indicated in the top graph. In the bottom graph we get reflections from throw of horn-loaded compression driver.

Click on the forward arrow to the second slide and you will see the processed response graph (spectrogram). The graph is now clean with no artifacts. The processing has also corrected the phase (straightness of the line) so it is close to perfect.

DynO – achieve max

DynO, or Dynamic Optimization, maximizes the output of every passband. This tangibly increases output over what would otherwise be possible.

DynO ensures that setup is extremely easy – just enter simple amplifier information and you’re done.

The Greybox will automatically apply the correct limiting and gain adjustments given the amplifier information you’ve provided.

Software tools

Each UXA installation series amplifier may be configured by utilizing the feature rich web interface. this can be accessed either through the network control port or wirelessly. For detailed instructions on how to do so, please read through the UXA quick start guides.  Greybox settings for all current EAW products come preloaded in the amp, and can be recalled once a connection is established.


Bars & Cafes

The combination of small size and high power per channel flexibility makes UXA4403 especially good for installing in Bars, Cafés, and restaurants.


Restaurant’s use sound as part of the dining experience, and many have dynamic needs for the sound level. Some have bar areas where they need more sound pressure, and then have cosy eating areas where they need less.

Retail stores

Retail stores have background sound (or sound branding) where music is matched to the profile of store. This leads to a wide range of sound demand – a furniture store with cool background sound, a stylish clothes shop with medium pressure or a trendy juice bar with need for more power!

Fitness Centres

Fitness locations demand excellent sound with great system flexibility. Background tracks play in a gym & workout area, soft sounds in yoga classes – then heart racing power in the spinning & CrossFit classes!

Hotels & Education Sites

For hotels and education sites that have auditoriums, theatres, large dining spaces, and multiple large meeting rooms – complete flexibility of available power is needed.


The corporate space has many different applications – open office spaces, sound for board & conference rooms, meeting areas of any size – plus warehouses, cafeteria & break areas. IP an ideal choice as one amplifier can cover all these needs.

House of Worship

House of Worship needs reliable, high-quality amplification of voice, and at the same time the amplifier should cover a large distribution area with many specialized speakers. Due to the high quality of amplification at medium power levels and delivery superior speech intelligibility it is perfect for house of worship installations.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm