UXA Series

EAW UXA Series – Software meets hardware

The EAW UXA Series brings together software and hardware in perfect harmony. Compatible across the range of EAW loudspeaker systems, the UXA/UX Series of processors and amplifiers puts you in control, enabling you to audition, refine and deliver the best possible sound quality from EAW’s advanced speaker systems.

The key to this power lies in industry leading digital processing. EAW’s proprietary algorithms integrate processing and acoustics in revolutionary ways to deliver optimum system performance. Integrated with the EAW Resolution 2 software application (see below) the UXA/UX Series gives you full control, the ability to intuitively and speedily adjust your setup to peak performance.

All this is contained in a compact rackmount electronics package suited to both installed and production sound. The front panels give you access to quick setup functions while Resolution software delivers advanced predictability/control and the ability to closely monitor all facets of the sound output.

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