EAW South Africa

  • 4 x 4000W of Class D amplification.
  • 96kHz, 40-bit floating point DSP.
  • 4.3″ touch screen display with user friendly controls.
  • Preloaded Greybox settings for EAW products.
  • Configurable GPIO and DANTE available for additional input & output options.




The EAW UXA4416 represents the new generation of EAW four-channels DSP amplifiers, and offers a full package of extremely high-power amplification, innovative processing and analogue/digital audio management in a single solution.

Its four processed, channels of audio amplification can optimize EAW professional systems’ performance thanks to the on-board dedicated greybox presets library.

Resolution software allows for users to discover, configure, monitor and control a virtually unlimited number of amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Settings are accessible on the front capacitive 4.3’’ touch screen display, that together with a rotary encoder provides a complete, ergonomic and user-friendly control.

Fully Integrated Touring Systems

Amplification and array processing are critical components of modern sound systems.  The processing engine in UXA4416 supports the FIR filters necessary to get the most out of EAW’s KF, SB, and MW loudspeakers.  When applying UXA4416 to power and presets to your system you can be assured that you’re getting the most out of your system consistently, night after night.

Dependable Sound when it counts

UXA4416 amplifiers are based on proven technology. With rugged electronics and support, these amps are built to last for years while providing high quality coverage for a vast range of applications.

UXA4416 is based on a 96KHz 40-bit floating point processing engine and four 4000-watt amplifier channels.  In addition to standard analog and AES digital inputs, signal can be supplied digitally through primary and secondary Dante network connections. A network connection to EAW’s award winning Resolution 2 software allows for quick configuration and monitoring of large systems.  When such a network is impractical or not available UXA4416 can be addressed and configured using the intuitive touch screen interface on the front panel of each amplifier.

EAW UXA4416 Specifications

Amplifier Class Class-D
Output Power (all channels driven 4 x 4000W @ 2.7 ohms

4 x 2600W @ 4 ohms

4 x 1400W @ 8 ohms

Frequency Response (-3dB) 20 Hz – 23 kHz
Gain (linear mode @ 0 dB) 32 dB
Input/Output 8in/4out
Digital Signal Processing 40-bit floating point, 96 kHz
EQ Filters Peaking, HI/LO-shelving, HI-pass, LO-pass
Advanced algorithms Focusing, Beamwidth Matched Crossovers, DYNO
Compressors RMS limiter, dynamic compressor, power limiter, thermal compressor
Delay 0 – 4000 ms (each channel)
Configuration Front panel touch screen, EAW Resolution
Speakers Presets EAW Greybox Library
Control and monitoring protocols Primary/Secondary DANTE
Operating voltage 90-240 V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption idle

Power consumption max



Dimensions 88.7 mm x 482 mm x 482.4 mm
Weight 15 kg


Software tools

UXA Touring Amplifiers work seamlessly with EAW Resolution 2 Software by utilizing connection to the ethernet control ports.

The software allows for users to discover, configure, monitor and control a virtually unlimited number of amplifiers and loudspeakers. All EAW technology and product configuration is just a selection away, whether is loading a greybox preset or setting up routing and input assignments, Resolution software makes for an intuitive and comprehensive set up process.