IC 5 S 5 Inch Ceiling Speaker


  • Type: 2 way. Passive
  • Low Impedance Power: 10 W @ 8 Ohm
  • L100V: Power 10 W (1 KOhm) / 5 W (2 KOhm) / 2,5 W (4 KOhm) / 1,25 W (8 KOhm)
  • L70V: Power 5 W (980 ohm) / 2,5 W (1k96 ohm) / 1,25 W (4k1 ohm) / 0,6 W (7k5 kohm)
  • LF: Transducer Woofer 5.25″
  • HF: Transducer Tweeter 1″. Rotable.
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz – 20 KHz

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Introducing the Versatile IC 5S 5 Inch Ceiling Speaker

The IC 5S is a compact and versatile ceiling loudspeaker, designed to deliver exceptional audio performance in a wide range of installations. With a 5.25-inch woofer and a rotatable 1-inch tweeter, this speaker offers a balanced and immersive sound experience. It is compatible with both low impedance and 70/100V line installations, making it a flexible choice for various audio setups.

Powerful Low Impedance Performance

The IC 5S ceiling speaker is capable of handling a power of 10W @ 8 Ohm in low impedance installations. With its high-quality woofer, it can reproduce crystal-clear audio with precision and accuracy. Whether used in commercial spaces, offices, or residential environments, this speaker ensures a delightful listening experience.

Versatility in 70/100V Line Systems

In addition to its low impedance capabilities, the IC 5S speaker is also designed for 70/100V line installations. This feature allows for easy integration into sound systems where long cable runs may be required. The speaker features a power selector that allows users to choose between 10W, 5W, 2.5W, and 1.25W power settings, enabling fine-tuning to meet specific audio needs.

Rotatable Tweeter for Precise Sound Direction

The IC 5S speaker incorporates a rotatable tweeter that provides flexibility in sound direction. This feature enables users to adjust the tweeter’s positioning to suit the acoustic requirements of the space. Whether aiming for a more focused sound or broader audio dispersion, the rotatable tweeter ensures optimal sound coverage and quality.

Additional Features and Benefits of this 5 inch ceiling speaker

  • Compact and unobtrusive design: The IC 5S speaker is designed to seamlessly blend into any ceiling without compromising aesthetics or space.
  • Easy installation: The speaker features a simple and straightforward installation process that ensures hassle-free setup in any environment. It comes with everything needed for a quick and efficient installation.
  • Wide frequency response: The IC 5S speaker offers a wide frequency response, providing a balanced audio performance across the entire audible spectrum. This ensures that every note and sound is reproduced with clarity and accuracy.
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials, the IC 5S speaker is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and durability, making it a reliable solution for any installation.
  • Versatile applications: The IC 5S speaker is suitable for a variety of installations, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, and residential spaces. Its versatility allows it to adapt to different environments and sound requirements.

In conclusion, the IC 5 S 5 Inch Ceiling Speaker offers outstanding audio performance and versatility for a range of installations. Whether in a low impedance or 70/100V line system, this speaker delivers powerful sound reproduction and precise directional control with its rotatable tweeter. Additionally, its compact design, easy installation process, wide frequency response, and durable construction make it an ideal choice for various applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance the audio experience in a commercial setting or create a seamless audio environment in a residential space, the IC 5S ceiling speaker delivers exceptional sound quality and flexibility.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm