IC 811 T 8 Inch Ceiling Speaker



  • Type: 2 way. Passive
  • Low Impedance Power: 40 W @ 8 Ohm
  • L100V: Power 40 W / 20 W / 10 W / 5 W
  • L70V: Power 20 W / 10 W / 5 W / 2.5 W
  • LF: Transducer Woofer 8″
  • HF: Transducer Tweeter 0.5″.
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz – 20 KHz

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Introducing the Versatile IC 811T 8 Inch Ceiling Speaker

The IC 811T is a powerful and versatile ceiling speaker that delivers exceptional sound quality in a variety of settings. Equipped with a state-of-the-art woofer and tweeter, this speaker ensures impressive audio performance and a truly immersive listening experience. With its advanced filter and transformer system housed in a robust and fireproof metal enclosure, the IC 811T speaker offers outstanding durability and reliability.

Power and Flexibility in Any Setup

Whether you need high-performance sound in a low impedance or 70/100V line installation, the IC 811T ceiling speaker has got you covered. This speaker is designed to excel in various audio setups, providing seamless integration and unparalleled audio quality. It features a selector with multiple power positions, allowing for easy configuration and optimization.

Metal Enclosure for Enhanced Protection

The IC 811T speaker is built with a sturdy metal enclosure, ensuring excellent durability and protection. This fireproof enclosure safeguards the inner components, providing increased safety in case of fire emergencies. The metal construction also helps minimize resonance and distortion, allowing for cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction.

Impressive Sound Reproduction

The IC 811T speaker incorporates a latest generation woofer and tweeter, specifically engineered to deliver superior audio performance. The high-quality components work in harmony to reproduce rich, detailed sound with exceptional clarity and precision. From crisp highs to deep lows, this speaker ensures a full range of frequencies for a well-balanced and immersive listening experience.

Seamless Integration and Installation

With its versatile design, the IC 811T speaker seamlessly integrates into any ceiling. Whether it’s a commercial space, a conference room, a restaurant, or a residential environment, this speaker complements the surroundings without compromising aesthetics. It can be easily installed using standard ceiling speaker mounting techniques, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Wide Range of Applications

The IC 811T speaker is suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to its exceptional sound quality and versatility. From retail stores and offices to hotels and entertainment venues, this speaker enhances any environment with its powerful audio capabilities. It can be used for background music, public address systems, paging, and more, making it a versatile solution for various audio needs.

Summary of Features

  • Powerful sound reproduction with a latest generation woofer and tweeter.
  • Versatility in low impedance and 70/100V line installations.
  • Fireproof metal enclosure for enhanced protection and durability.
  • Selectable power positions for easy configuration.
  • Seamless integration into any ceiling with a sleek and unobtrusive design.
  • Wide range of applications in commercial and residential settings.

In conclusion, the IC 811T 8 Inch Ceiling Speaker is an exceptional audio solution that combines power, versatility, and durability. With its premium components, fireproof metal enclosure, and flexible power configuration, this speaker delivers superior sound quality and reliable performance in various setups. Whether you need high-performance audio in a low impedance or 70/100V line system, the IC 811T speaker ensures outstanding sound reproduction. Its seamless integration, easy installation, and wide range of applications make it an ideal choice for any space that demands exceptional audio quality and versatility.


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