PA 200 Installation Amplifier


WORK PRO – PA 200 Installation Amplifier

  • Switch mode power supply.
  • Remote control by RS485 commands.
  • Signal and limit LEDs.
  • Output: Low impedance (8/16 Ohm), 70/100 V
  • Power: 2 x 100 W @ 8 Ohm, 200 W @ 70/100V
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Half rack space
  • 2.6kg



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Introduction to the PA 200 Installation Amplifier

The PA 200 is an installation amplifier designed to offer flexibility in both low impedance and 70/100V line loudspeaker systems. With a switched power supply and various features, this amplifier is a versatile choice for audio installations.

Dual Power Output Options

The PA 200 amplifier provides a power output of 2 x 100W at 8 Ohm, ensuring ample capacity to drive a range of loudspeakers with ease. Additionally, it offers a power output of 200W L70 when used with 100V line loudspeakers, providing flexibility for larger sound systems.

Operating Mode Selection

To cater to different setups and requirements, the operating mode of the amplifier can be easily selected. A switch on the rear panel, combined with a switch block, allows users to switch between low impedance and 70/100V line operation. The switch block also includes terminals reserved for future enhancements, ensuring the amplifier’s potential for future advancements.

Convenient Input and Volume Control

The PA 200 amplifier features an unbalanced LINE input, providing compatibility with various audio sources. It also incorporates its own volume control, allowing for easy adjustment of audio levels. This accessible control ensures a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Summary of Features

  • Switch mode power supply for efficient performance.
  • Remote control capabilities using RS485 commands.
  • Signal and limit LEDs for monitoring audio signals.
  • Dual power output options: 2 x 100W @ 8 Ohm and 200W L70 / 100V.
  • Operating mode selection for low impedance or 70/100V line operation.
  • Unbalanced LINE input and dedicated volume control for easy adjustments.

In conclusion, the PA 200 installation amplifier combines power, versatility, and convenient features to provide a reliable solution for audio installations. With its dual power output options, switchable operating modes, signal and limit monitoring LEDs, built-in volume control, and remote control capabilities, this amplifier offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. Whether in low impedance or 70/100V line systems, the PA 200 amplifier delivers exceptional performance and flexibility.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm