PowerZone 1004

1000 W install power amplifier with 4 channels

The PowerZone™ 1004 install power amplifier is designed to provide affordable, versatile, and reliable high-performance audio power.


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The PowerZone 1004 install power amplifier is designed to provide affordable, versatile, and reliable high-performance audio power.

PowerZone 1004 Specifications

Output Power @ 4/8Ω 4 x 250 W
Output Power @ 70/100V* 4 x 250 W
Total System Power 1000 W
Power Consumption 300 W
Dimensions 44.5 x 440 x 292 mm
1.75 x 17.32 x 11.50 in
Weight 3.6 kg | 7.9 lbs

Powerzone 1004

PowerZone™ series

The PowerZone™ series of install power amplifiers are designed to provide versatile and reliable high-performance audio power. Each output channel can be independently configured to drive either Lo-Z or Hi-Z loads – making it so much more flexible and versatile than other full rack products. This means a system can be easily configured with any power output and drive both Lo-Z and Hi-Z loudspeakers – from just one clever amplifier. Total available power is automatically shared across channel pairs – thanks to our power sharing technology (252 and 504 models only).

The ultra-compact PowerZone™ can be installed in locations where other products cannot – and has desk and wall mount brackets as well as full rack supports. PowerZone™ is a robust and energy-efficient amplifier, that offers quick set-up and custom configuration options, and like all PowerZone™ products, this reliable, high-performance amplifier has a 5-year warranty.


  • All channels deliver low & high impedance loads – meaning one amplifier can replace two, and saves you costs and installation time.
  • 3 Models in the range: PowerZone 1004, PowerZone 504 and PowerZone 252.
  • Total power is automatically shared across the output channels – use one PowerZone™ amp to utilize the power where you need it (model-specific feature).
  • Ultra-compact form factor – means the ½ rack PowerZone are so small and neat they can be installed in spaces where other brands cannot.
  • Consolidate products and brands – save the hassle of sourcing multiple amplifiers when PowerZone™ can be used on many different install sites.
  • Easy to configure DIP Switches – allow you to set up on-site as you need and has front panel control lock to stop unwanted changes to your setup.
  • GPIO interface – enables adding of any standard remote control (potentiometer) to the system.
  • Class leading energy efficiency – means a day-to-day energy saving and long-term low cost of ownership.
  • Pascal’s UMAC™ Class-D amplifier technology – with market proven, ultra-reliable U-PRO amp modules.
  • PowerZone™ quality and reliability are backed up with a 5-year warranty.