• Freq Resp:35Hz-150kHz
  • Max SPL: 134dB
  • VLF Driver: 2x 10” cone
  • Power Handling: 500W @ 4ohms
  • Connections: NL4, 2-pin barrier strip
  • Dimensions: 305 x 762 x 501mm
  • Weight: 30.4kg


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The SB210 is the latest addition to the revered SB Series product line, offering low frequency support when space is limited. SB210 is a direct radiating dual 10″ subwoofer with unique driver mounting to maximize the cone area. This allows for integration of an ultra low turbulence port design to maximize the front area, resulting in a powerful acoustical performance despite its smaller size. This means low frequency no longer needs to be sacrificed for space restrictions.

Key Features

  • Ultra low turbulence port design for superior output
  • Integrated M10 mounting, and M20 pole mount
  • Black, White & WP model available

Finding the right fit

Being a dual 10″ subwoofer, SB210 is the smallest in size of the entire SB series catalogue. Finding the right balance between size and performance was no easy task, but we believe the challenge has been met. This means low frequency no longer needs to be sacrificed for space restrictions. SB210 can be suspended, easily fits under most stages, and can hide in corners or against walls of a venue inconspicuously.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Companion UXA4403 amp available
  • Pairs seemlessly with MKC, MK, and MKD Series products
  • Barrier strip and NL4 connections both available on input plate
  • Routed handles on both sides of product for easy transport
  • M20 Pole Mount

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 35 cm