SB Series


EAW’s SB Series subwoofer systems are legendary. They range from 8-in cones to a mighty dual 21-in, as well as horn-loaded subwoofer systems. All offer stunning sonic performance with a powerful clamshell punch.

A sub for every occasion

The SB Series has something for every application. The portable SB1000Z with its fatter-sounding output from dual 18 in drivers. The premium SB528Z, designed to deliver in the most demanding professional situations. The range is powerful and comprehensive.

All SB models are direct radiating, with optimally tuned, vented enclosures. Unique driver mounting maximizes cone area. This also allows for the integration of an extremely low turbulence port while minimizing front area. the total package provides an acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited to creating large subwoofer arrays.

The SB Series is ideally paired with our MK Series, KF Series and QX Series loudspeakers. In combination they offer optimal configurations for both permanent and touring installations. These include: concert touring, arenas, band/club PAs, large houses of worship, large auditoriums/theaters, stage/performer monitoring, drum fill monitoring, and large dance clubs.

However, we also have a more compact offering in the SB 180Z. This is best suited to A/V systems, meeting rooms, classrooms, exhibit areas, f/x reinforcement, cruise ships, TV studios, restaurants, and small retail spaces.

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