Smaart Data Modeler

Smaart Data Modeler is a new DSP modeling software tool designed to allow you to perform virtual audio system alignment and optimization through the use of level, equalization, polarity, and timing adjustments and to view the effects of those adjustments on Smaart measurement data.


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In partnership with Eclipse Audio, Smaart Data Modeler is able to model filter topologies for specific DSP devices, allowing you to apply various filter settings and preview the summed response of multiple traces before committing those settings to DSP. If your DSP is a supported third-party device and has a compatible file export format in Data Modeler, you can import those settings from DM directly to your device. For non-supported devices, a generic DSP mode is available, and settings can be manually implemented.


As a System Alignment Tool

After gathering measurement data in Smaart, use Data Modeler to virtually model the entire system alignment session – without being connected to the sound system, or even off-site – and then later implement your DSP settings to the system.

As an Educational Tool

Use Data Modeler to practice system alignment with real world data. Great for students or professionals looking to hone their skills such as multi-position speaker equalization, cardioid subwoofers, mains to subwoofer alignment and, of course, virtual system alignment.

As an Investigative Tool

Take your data with you after an alignment session and answer any of those “what if’s” – questions about the data after you’ve completed a project to identify areas for future improvement, or for experimentation that couldn’t be accomplished on site.

Smaart Data Modeler



Familiar Interface

Data Modeler is built with the Smaart environment in mind. The DM interface allows you to mimic real-world alignment scenarios in a familiar Smaart-based GUI (graphical user interface).

Third Party DSP Compatibility

In partnership with Eclipse Audio, Smaart Data Modeler is capable of emulating, and creating files compatible for export to, specific industry leading third-party DSP manufacturers such as QSC Q-SYS, Powersoft, Biamp Tesira, Linea Research, Symetrix and others.

Smaart Compatibility

Data Modeler can be used with measurement data generated by Smaart v7 and newer. Data from Smaart v6 and earlier is not supported. If you are using v8 or newer, data transfer is seamless via a simple drag n’ drop.

Puts You in Control

Data Modeler allows for an unlimited number of DSP channels, each with an unlimited number of IIR filters, plus standard controls such as level, polarity, and delay. From simple stereo systems to to complex multi-channel theme parks, Data Modeler is designed to be able to scale up to your needs regardless of channel count.

Distinct Operational Modes

Data Modeler includes three operational modes. Modeler Mode is a free-run sandbox for system alignment and optimization whereas SER (System-EQ-Result) Mode, and Sum (Summation) Mode are tailored specifically to assist with loudspeaker equalization and summation.

Intuitive System Modeling

Data Modeler allows you to build a DSP layout that mimics your hardware system configuration. DSP channels can be quickly added on the fly, and multiple channels can be linked to apply overall changes to subsystems, just as you might do in the real world.

Which version of Smaart is right for me?

Smaart Edition Comparison

With Smaart now being offered in several different editions, you may be asking yourself
“Which Edition is Right For Me?”

Since 2008 , Rational Acoustics has been the owner, and sole developer, of the Smaart® acoustic test & measurement software platform.

From modest roots as a small start-up software company, Rational has grown to become the preeminent provider of acoustic test and measurement software and training in the professional audio industry. Over 10,000 audio professionals have chosen Smaart to help them become more knowledgeable and more effective in their jobs and countless sets of ears have benefited from the results.


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