Smaart Training


DATES: 6 – 7 August 2024

VENUE: The Venue @ Midrand (Maps LINK)

TIME: 8h30 to 16h30

What to expect?

The training is aimed at Sound Technicians in the Live, Installation and Acoustics markets. The course will ensure that the attendees can operate the Measurement software to obtain accurate results. The course will give the technician the confidence to operate the software to optimize the performance of the sound system.

What to bring to Smaart Training?

  • A Laptop. Smaart is a software tool that runs on either Windows or MacOS. Minimum requires can be found at this LINK.
  • Smaart Software:
    • The training is conducted using Smaart Suite, but if you own Smaart LE or Smaart RT, you will be able to follow along just fine.
    • If you do not own a Smaart license, the 30-day trial version is adequate for the training. But please do not download this too early in advance as to void the 30-day period. Download LINK for Smaart demo.
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard:
    • DVS is used to distribute audio signal to all the attendees. If you do not own a DVS license, you can register for a 14-day trail HERE. Same as with the Smaart demo, do not install this too early in advance. Your laptop needs to have an ethernet port to accommodate DVS. if it doesn’t a USB Ethernet dongle works fine.
  • For the training you are NOT required to bring a microphone or interface, but you are welcome to bring it along for discussion purposes.

*Software licenses available at discounted prices to attendees.

If the minimum required attendance is not met, paid bookings will be refunded, and the course will be rescheduled for another date.




Surgesound regularly host 2- or 3-day Smaart Training courses every year.

This page will be updated once dates are established.

Which version of Smaart is right for me?

Smaart Edition Comparison

With Smaart now being offered in several different editions, you may be asking yourself
“Which Edition is Right For Me?”

Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Smaart Operator Certification provides confirmation of the successful completion of Smaart training, as presented in in-person or online
Smaart Operator Fundamentals classes.  It is a certification that the student:

• Understands the basic operational paradigms embodied in Smaart software
• Understands the fundamental measurement concepts involved in the use of Smaart
• Can set-up and run a Smaart system
• Can make basic measurements
• Can read information presented in the data

It does NOT certify any level of sound system engineering capabilities or the ability to interpret Smaart data to make useful system alignment decisions. (To use a medical analogy… Level 1 Certification means that a user knows how to run a CAT scan machine, not that they can accurately interpret the results to make a medical diagnosis).

Smaart Training

How Do I Become Level 1 Certified?

Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification is granted upon successful completion of the Smaart Operator Fundamentals Level 1 Exam.

The Level 1 exam is open to all Smaart users, however the exam is specific to the terminology, workflow and interface of Smaart v8 and later. Users who have only worked with versions of Smaart prior to v9 or v8, or with Smaart Di, may want to consider attending a training class or reviewing the documentation and resources available through the Smaart Support Portal.

How Much Does it Cost to get Level 1 Certified?

The first attempt at taking the exam is free for anyone who has taken an official Smaart Training Class since the launch of Smaart v8 in April 2016 (either with Rational Acoustics directly or through an Authorized Distributor or Smaart Instructor).  Most class attendees receive an email with a free test access code. If you have not received a test access code, please contact your class organizer. If you took a Smaart training class prior to the release of Smaart v8, or if you have never taken an in-person Smaart Training class, the cost to take the Level 1 exam is $24.99 per attempt.

What Language(s) is the Level 1 Exam Available In?

The Level 1 exam is currently available in EnglishSpanishItalian and Korean. Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin). Other languages will be added as translations are completed. We do not have definitive list of languages that will be available, nor dates for the addition of more languages. Test takers can choose the language in which to take their exam once they have registered at the online test site.

What Happens If I Pass the Level 1 Exam?

If you pass the Level 1 exam, you will receive a lovely Level 1 Operator certificate to show off to your friends and neighbors (or potential employers), and you will become eligible to take future Level 2 / Advanced Smaart Training Classes for which a Level 1 certification is required. You will also be invited to add your name to the Smaart Operator Network.

What Happens if I Fail the Level 1 Exam?

If you do not pass the Level 1 exam, you can re-take the exam as many times as you wish. Each additional attempt at taking the exam is $24.99.

Since 2008 , Rational Acoustics has been the owner, and sole developer, of the Smaart® acoustic test & measurement software platform.

From modest roots as a small start-up software company, Rational has grown to become the preeminent provider of acoustic test and measurement software and training in the professional audio industry. Over 10,000 audio professionals have chosen Smaart to help them become more knowledgeable and more effective in their jobs and countless sets of ears have benefited from the results.