Smaart SPL

Smaart SPL is a stand-alone version of the SPL Mode interface within Smaart Suite. Both Smaart Suite’s SPL Mode and Smaart SPL are identical, where Smaart SPL is ideal for engineers, facilities, or businesses that don’t require the real-time frequency and impulse response capabilities found in Smaart Suite.

Smaart SPL provides a powerful solution for monitoring, logging, and reporting sound pressure level. With SPL history plots, fully customizable metering, remote-viewing capabilities, Alarms and Event Notes, customizable ‘traffic light’ meter colouring, logging and report generation, and Class 1 or 2 capability with 10 EaZy hardware – Smaart is the industry’s leading software-based SPL monitoring solution.




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  • Comprehensive SPL monitoring and logging of any number of calibrated inputs simultaneously
  • SPL A, C, & unweighted Fast and Slow, Peak A, C, unweighted or Peak Octave banded frequency center
  • Leq A, C, unweighted or Octave banded frequency center with user definable time-period from 1 second to 24 hours
  • C-A bass ratio calculation
  • OSHA and NIOSH exposure calculation
  • L10, L50, L90 calculation
  • 10 EaZy integration for Class 1 or 2 compliant SPL Measurement
    • Integrated Maximum Average Meter (MAM) display
    • Support for multiple 10 EaZy systems connected at once
  • User-definable SPL grid window for viewing multiple SPL metrics simultaneously
  • SPL History graph for navigating SPL Log files
  • User definable SPL Alarms and ‘traffic light’ color display (green, yellow, red level definitions per SPL metric)
  • Remote viewing via web-browser (over LAN or Internet)
  • PDF report generation

Smaart SPL

Which version of Smaart is right for me?

Smaart Edition Comparison

With Smaart now being offered in several different editions, you may be asking yourself
“Which Edition is Right For Me?”

Since 2008 , Rational Acoustics has been the owner, and sole developer, of the Smaart® acoustic test & measurement software platform.

From modest roots as a small start-up software company, Rational has grown to become the preeminent provider of acoustic test and measurement software and training in the professional audio industry. Over 10,000 audio professionals have chosen Smaart to help them become more knowledgeable and more effective in their jobs and countless sets of ears have benefited from the results.


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