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Surgesound is a Distributor for Smaart in South Africa and Africa.

Surgesound is a proud distributor for Rational Acoustics owned, Smaart Acoustics Analysis Software in South Africa and Africa. Smaart software is an industry standard for sound system measurement software. Thousands of users around the world uses this tool to measure, analyse and improve their sound system setups.

Smaart is an FFT based audio analyser that allows you to conduct sound measurements in real-time. Rational Acoustics, who are based in the USA, own and develop Smaart software. They have built an international network of distributors and instructors to provide support and training to its users. Surgesound’s technical director, Ruan Joubert has been part of the Smaart instructor portfolio since 2014 and provides training in the African Territory.

Smaart is the industry standard and the audio industry’s most widely used acoustic test & measurement software platform. This internationally recognized platform has a large user community worldwide, from hobbyist to professional individuals that connect and share information on Facebook. To join this group, please follow the following link HERE.

The team at Rational Acoustics strive to provide a user-friendly, yet powerful analysis tool. Constant market interaction and user feedback allows them to tailor the platform and constantly improve the measurement experience.



Not sure which edition of Smaart is right for you? Here’s some information to help you decide. There are four measurement platforms and one virtual modelling platform.

The core fundamentals remain the same throughout all the versions, but some are more limited to provide solutions that are budget friendly.

Smaart Suite

Full-featured flagship Smaart program including all three industry standard measurement modes (Real Time, Impulse Response, and SPL), with no functional limitations. If you are a current Smaart user, Suite is the direct upgrade from v8. 

Smaart RT


Stand-alone version of the Real Time Mode interface of Suite. RT includes all of the Real-Time mode features in Suite with no limitations or changes to the FFT-based measurement functionality. There is no IR or SPL mode.

Smaart LE


An edition of Smaart’s Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed. If you are an existing user and have never changed the settings from defaults, LE is the ideal version for you.

Smaart SPL


A stand-alone version of the SPL Mode interface within Suite. SPL is ideal for engineers, facilities, or businesses that don’t require the real-time frequency and impulse response capabilities found in Suite.

A new DSP modeling software tool designed to allow you to perform virtual audio system alignment and optimization, and to view the effects of those adjustments on Smaart measurement data.

Smaart is available in 4 different editions. All editions are derived from the same code base, ensuring that they all share the same fundamental GUI, the same command and control structure, the same operational paradigms, and are cohesive right down to the hotkeys.

The only difference between the editions is their feature set.

With the release of Smaart v9 in 2022, license can be purchased Once-Off (Perpetually) of on a yearly Subscription bases.

Upgrades are available for the following older versions of Smaart:

  • V8
  • Di v2
  • V7
  • V7 Di


Surgesound has provided Smaart Training courses in South Africa and all over Africa to Freelance Engineers, Rental Companies, Integrators and Distributors since 2009. These courses are accredited by Rational Acoustics to ensure the quality of the courses are up to international standard.

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Smaart South Africa

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