Surgesound EAW South Africa

Surgesound, the sole distributor for EAW in South Africa and Select African Countries.

Surgesound has been a proud partner and sole distributor for EAW for many years. We provide EAW products and support mainly in South Africa, but also across the African continent. We design and supply sound systems to an array of applications. Our skilled team can help you find the best sound system for your requirement, provide support and training to aid your end goal.

For over 40 years, EAW have pioneered sound system technology in the live and installed sound markets. Providing high quality products for a wide range of applications. EAW is an American based company that was founded in 1978. A detailed company history with its legacy can be found on their website at this link: EAW History. They have a dedicated team of industry professionals, passionate about providing professional loudspeakers and sound systems.


For live sound they offer large, medium and small Format sound systems to do outdoor concerts, stadium concerts or concerts in performance halls and venues. The touring sound systems they manufacture are designed with the user in mind. Portable solutions that are easy to operate. From a small party to a large festival, EAW has a sound system to do the job.

EAW offers a wide selection of solutions for permanent sound system installations. The product selection fits to your design, may it be a restaurantnightclub, or a house of worship.


EAW has loudspeakers for the live and installation market. Over the years they have established some core technologies to improve the quality of the products. Some benchmark innovations include Adaptive Performance, DynO Optimization, CSA – Concentric Summation Array design, Beam Matched Cross-overs and many more.


Surgesound EAW Adaptive Core Technology
Adaptive Performance

By utilizing multiple closely spaced drivers and processing them individually Adaptive systems are able to provide coverage that is software customizable to your space.  This results in even front to back coverage, less spill into adjacent areas, and systems that requires fewer loudspeakers to achieve the same result as larger and heavier systems.

Surgesound EAW DynO Core Technology

Dynamic Optimization actively tracks input spectrum and power delivery, continually maximizing output and fidelity at any drive level.

Surgesound EAW CSA Core Technology

Concentric Summation Array.A method of seamlessly integrating MF and HF components within a single horn. With CSA, multiple subsystems sum coherently, without interruption to either HF or MF wavefronts.

Surgesound EAW Symmetry Core Technology
Symmetry of Sources

Symmetrical arrangement of acoustic sources along a common axis for utmost consistency throughout the coverage pattern.

Surgesound EAW Focussing Core Technology

Use of advanced digital signal processing to perfect the impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. Eliminating horn “honk” and splashiness, this makes the loudspeaker sound more like a studio monitor than a “PA” speaker.

Surgesound EAW Phase Core Technology
Symmetry of Sources

Tuned spacing of LF components to extend pattern control without the need for enormous horns.

Surgesound EAW Crossover Core Technology
Symmetry of Sources

Introduced over a decade ago for our MK series loudspeakers, EAW Engineers use carefully-designed HF horns and crossovers to eliminate polar irregularities through the crossover point.

EAW South Africa

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