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It’s the sound of quality products, applied and installed with skill and intension. When you partner with Surgesound, you get access to some of the world’s biggest names in audio and visual equipment. Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with these companies, which enables us to offer our clients superior audio-visual products and professionally designed solutions at highly competitive prices.
We don’t just sell incredible products – we design audio-visual experiences that make every piece of world-class equipment shine, and we create solutions that work for your space and budget. If this resonates with you,
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One of largest loudspeaker component manufacturers in the world, supplying several leading professional audio brands. Made in Italy.

 Audio amplification power and exceptional sound performance demanded in the professional audio-visual market. Manufactured in Denmark.

A top international specialist that manufactures high quality loudspeaker drivers – an industry pioneer in Pro-Audio, Car and Hi-fi.

A leader in the design and manufacturing of superior quality sound systems for live events and performance audio venues.

Legendary loudspeaker drivers and components for the Pro-Audio and Musician Guitar and Bass Cabinet markets.

Superior visual projection products and solutions for business, education, church and performance spaces.

Specialises in the design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of high-quality microphones and accessories. Manufactured in Germany.

A leading developer and owner of the unparalleled Smaart acoustic test and measurement software for the professional audio and acoustic industries. Based in the United States.

The leading brand in the manufacturing of digital mixing consoles for houses of worship, theatre, and performance venues. Manufactured in Oxfordshire, UK

A leader in the design, build and distribution of high-quality handmade microphones for live performances and recording. From USA. 

The premier supplier of professional audio and video cables. Widely recognised as the finest cable range on the market.

The trusted name in sound lighting and audio equipment, servicing the global entertainment industry. Made in Spain.